Author's Note: Hi everybody! This chapter is kind of short but it's pretty jam-packed so I hope you don't get too angry with me. I could add more to this chapter but I feel like it would lose its power if I had ended it any other way. Thanks for all of the great reviews on the last chapter and I hope that you will write many more for this one!

Pitch Black: Darkness Falls

Chapter 20: Insatiable

Isis' eyes shone brightly as she glared at the creature in front of them. It was perched on top of a canister feasting on one of the small bat-like creatures. She could feel Riddick's hot breath against her neck as she kept her eyes trained on the beast above them. He took advantage of her distraction by leaning in and sniffing her, his lips softly grazing her neck. He felt her body stiffen and…Did she just close her eyes and shiver? Yes, he was sure of it. He lightly bit her at the base of her neck, causing her to turn her fiery gaze on him.

But, it wasn't anger he saw in her eyes. No, what he did see was stone cold desire. Her hand that had been resting on his shoulder now curled its longing fingers around the strap of his muscle shirt and greedily pulled his body into hers. Just as their lips met he saw Isis' eyes dart upward and widen with fear. Something gooey landed on Riddick's shoulder but before he could inspect it, Isis violently threw him to the ground and collided into one of the creatures that had spotted them. Fierce roaring and the smell of blood filled the air as Isis and the beast went tumbling out of sight.

Riddick leapt to his feet to try and assist her but froze as another creature appeared in front of him. It made its peculiar sound, frantically searching for anything it could feed on to sate its insatiable hunger. Fry and the others heard the colossal battle in the other room and came running. One of Imam's sons had been startled by the commotion but misjudged the direction it had come from. He wandered right next to where Riddick was standing and froze as the creature locked its sights on him.

"Extremely bad timing," Riddick mumbled. The boy looked at Riddick with just his eyes as if he were asking him what to do. "Just don't move," Riddick whispered and slowly melted into the darkness. The creature roared and the boy took off running. He didn't get far before two more beasts ran him down and began ripping him apart. Riddick was suddenly aware of the complete silence that filled the room and remembered Isis. Fuck! Where is she? He thought. The cry of the others broke the silence, "Riddick? Isis? Where are you?" He slowly began to walk towards the sound of their voices, figuring that she would probably do the same.

Riddick rounded the corner and cringed when every passenger aimed their light sources in his direction. He was still several yards away from where they were standing, but his sensitive eyes couldn't take the strain. Johns lowered his gun and said, "Where's Isis?" Riddick growled in frustration. "I don't know. We got separated." Suddenly Johns raised his gun in Riddick's direction, his eyes wide with fear. "Fuck!" he screamed. "Look out!" the rest of them screamed. Riddick sprinted without looking back as a much larger creature chased after him. Riddick screamed out in pain and covered his exposed eyes as everyone instinctively pointed their lights in his direction.

Riddick stumbled and would have been overtaken if it hadn't been for Isis' knife lodging itself into the creature's brain. It screamed in agony and fell to the floor, revealing a bloody and beaten, but very much alive, Isis. Johns shot the beast at least four times after it hit the floor. His hands were still shaking as she walked up to its body and yanked her knife out.

She wiped the blood off on her pants and spat on the body contemptuously. "Did not know who it was fucking with," she growled. She looked over at Riddick and her face softened with concern. Just when he thought she couldn't be any more beautiful she had to go and look at him like that…No one had looked at him this way since his Amy. "Are you alright?" She asked timidly. He just nodded and proudly got to his feet, carefully replacing his goggles over his throbbing eyes. Fry shined her flashlight on the creature's body, searing its flesh. "Look, the light actually hurts them," she said. "Yeah, so do bullets," Johns added snidely. "And knives," Jack added as she gazed up at Isis with awestruck wonder. Imam looked at Isis and asked, "Have you seen other little one?" Isis simply looked into his eyes and said, "I'm sorry but we should keep moving."

And for the first time since Riddick had first laid his eyes on her, Isis looked very tired, exhausted even. That fight had taken a lot out of her. He kept replaying her and the creature disappearing into the darkness over and over again in his head. For a moment, he thought he'd lost her and it felt like losing Amy all over again. He suddenly realized that he would die for her without giving it a second thought and this terrified him.

He'd always been a loner and he'd liked it that way, hadn't he? As she looked upon him with her worried silver eyes, he realized that he couldn't imagine going on living without her. The very thought left him cold and out of breath. She was what he'd been waiting and hoping for his whole adult life. She, Isis Hale, was the key to giving Riddick back what he had lost so long ago…his soul.