A Kick-Ass Fanfiction

By: Roseminty (Emily)

I haven't posted anything on this site in FOREVER. So, if you look at my other stories, you will see that they are definitely lacking in the experience area. I just hope that this story shows how much I've improved over the course of the two or so years that I've been absent from Fanfiction. :]

I am in love with the actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, the guy who plays Chris D'Amico/Red Mist in the movie Kick-Ass. That lisp of his is so flipping sexy... I want him to be mine. I want to hear that lispy voice talk dirty to me... O _O

...Um. *Coughs*

So I wrote this. ^.^ It's based on the movie, as I've never read the comic. I love slash pairings, so of course I HAD to pair Red Mist with Kick-Ass. To me, that pairing is just perfection wrapped up in one hot, neat, wonderful package (pun intended). But I didn't want to delve right into a hardcore sex scene with the two. I wanted to get inside Chris's and Dave's heads, you know? So here it is. First it's a few short stories about Chris's and Dave's SEPARATE experiences with each other, and then the final chapter will be... I'm sure you know. ;D


Summary: SLASH. A series of shorts about Kick-Ass's and Red Mist's inexplicable connection, switching between Chris's and Dave's POVs, culminates in what they both wanted all along. Red MistxKick-Ass/ChrisxDave. Rated M for cussing and strong sexual content.

Chapter 1: Catalyst

Chris was so close.

The familiar burning sensation was spreading from his cock to his lower abdomen and inner thighs as he fiercely pumped himself. He was in the shower, the hot steam swirling about him and the pounding of the water muffling his soft groans.

He was so close to completion; he could feel it, but it was as if the orgasm fairy were playing tag with him, and he just couldn't catch it. He stroked his straining member even harder, biting his lip, longing for that release. It usually came so easily for him; through many years of practice, he had learned long ago what really turned him on and got him there.

But now Chris's body just wouldn't obey him. It teased him, the pleasure flaring up suddenly, and he would gasp and eagerly await the climax, running his wet hand up and down his manhood with renewed vigor. Then that tantalizing feeling, after so quickly sucking him in, would rudely spit him back out, and Chris would be left alone again, desperately grasping at what remained of the false seducer.

He had no idea how many times this had happened, and nor did he know how long he had been in the shower. He looked down at his totally pruned hand wrapped around his still waiting erection, which was weeping pre-cum as if mourning the fact that it hadn't yet reached the summit of its exertion.

Chris groaned in frustration rather than pleasure and doubled his efforts, tugging his dick so quickly that it almost hurt and bringing his other hand up to his chest. He rubbed his smooth, muscle-less skin and grazed over his nipples before grabbing one and playing with it roughly. He arched his back and began thrusting his hips, sending his cock sliding in and out of his fist in time with his pumps. His free hand slithered down to cup his balls and squeeze gently, and then, as if of its own free will, drifted around to his butt. Chris pinched one of his cheeks and moaned at the slight pain that sped straight to his member, transforming into pleasure on the way. He hesitated slightly before advancing to the final resort; he had only done it a few times, after all, and the thought sort of made him nervous. But, with no climax in sight and knowing how enjoyable it was, he muttered, "Fuck it," and stuck two fingers up his ass.

Chris surprised even himself with the high-pitched mewling sound that spilled uncontrollably from his mouth. He gasped in utter bliss as he hungrily stuck a third finger in and began ramming them into his hole, still jerking his length with his other hand. He had known that this sort of stimulation felt good, but he couldn't remember it ever being this good. He moaned almost continuously, with only small pauses in which he breathed heavily through his clenched teeth.

The combination of his fingers being forcefully driven in and out of his tight ass, his wild, involuntary air-humping, and his other hand desperately rubbing his rock-hard cock soon had Chris teetering on the precipice, but not falling off of it. The anger that even this wasn't enough translated into anger at everything and everyone, and an image of Kick-Ass that he'd seen earlier that day on TV suddenly appeared behind his eyes. Kick-Ass was smiling, speaking to the interviewer with animation, excitement sparkling in his eyes.

Chris ground his teeth together and squeezed his eyes shut, not stopping his self-pleasure, but wishing to be rid of this unwanted interruption. When the picture wouldn't go away, he was forced to acknowledge it and allow the emotions that the thought of Kick-Ass induced to flood his mind. Amidst the feelings of loathing, vengefulness, and resentment, there was something else, something that sent fire burning through his veins and caused his heart to race even more than it already was.

And, at that moment, Chris came.

He came with the force and strength of a monsoon, wave after wave of pure, blinding, gut-wrenching pleasure crashing into him. His eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned without restraint, no thought for who might hear him. He swayed on his feet and had to remove his fingers from his hole and place his hand on the wall of the shower to steady himself. Shuddering and convulsing with each rush of joy and satisfaction, he continued pumping his dick madly. The climax grew less and less intense until, as the tail end of the orgasm faded away and Chris's hand slowly fell back to his side, he opened his eyes to see the last of his white liquid and his doubts about his feelings for Kick-Ass swirling down the drain.

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