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certes (adv, Archaic) [from Old French, ultimately from Latin certus, meaning certain] - in truth, with certainty, indeed, certainly, truly, of course

Chapter 5: Certes

They walked in silence, electricity crackling between them. Chris still had Dave's hand and was leading him to his car. He glanced back at the taller boy once; that small look was enough to make Chris's heart pound rapidly in anticipation.

Upon reaching the car, Chris unlocked it and opened the passenger's side door, motioning for Dave to get in. He did, and as he leaned back in the seat, looking incredibly sexy and sporting a slight bulge, Chris decided that it would take too long to go over to the driver's door. So he climbed in after Dave and straddled him, shutting the door.

They stared at each other, both boys' breaths shallow and quick. Chris examined every inch of Dave's pretty little face and noticed that he looked a bit apprehensive. He needed to fix that.

Chris crushed Dave's mouth with his own, moaning at the delicious feeling of the other's full lips moving against his. And oh, were they moving. All it took was one microsecond of kissing to persuade Dave, apparently. He tasted strongly of cheap cinnamon breath mints, which, for some reason, was extremely amusing to Chris. So much so that he began to grin against the other boy's lips, making kissing more than a bit awkward.

After a few seconds, Dave understandably pulled away as Chris started laughing outright.

"Do I suck that much at kissing?" Dave pouted, which Chris thought was cute as hell. He pecked him once before replying.

"No, no. You just taste cinnamon-y. Very cinnamon-y."

"Well, sorry. I forgot to brush my teeth before leaving the house. Only thing I had on me was this cinnamon stuff."

"Don't apologize," was all Chris said before engulfing Dave's mouth again.

"Mm, wait," Dave said, his voice muffled. Chris didn't want to wait anymore; he needed Dave now. So he simply kissed him more persistently. However, upon a second protest, he reluctantly backed off, but not before flicking his tongue once over Dave's earlobe. The recipient of this lick paused to close his eyes and groan, and Chris took this chance to forcefully shove his hips downwards, grinning wickedly. Dave groaned wantonly again and pushed back against him, but that didn't stop him from saying what he had to say.

"Ughh, Chris… We can't do this here." Dave closed his eyes and laid his head against the seat behind him as Chris continued to grind rhythmically forward.

"And why the hell not?" Chris frowned, seeming practically indifferent to the fact that their crotches were rubbing together.

"Because… ngh, will you stop doing that?" Dave's hands shot up and grasped Chris's arms. His frown deepened, if that was even possible, but he stopped moving. Dave took a deep breath before continuing. "We can't because there are people around here!"

"So what?" Now it was Chris's turn to pout. "No one's paying any attention to us. And we can go in the back. Tinted windows, hello?"

"I… I don't care. I want to go to your place. I don't want to do this in your car." Chris snorted, but Dave's face remained serious. Chris secretly thought it was endearing that Dave had enough self-respect to not want to do it in a car, but he didn't dare let that show.

"Fine," he snapped, a little more harshly than he intended, and slid over to the driver's seat.


Chris put a hand on his hip while Dave contemplated his apartment. He was a little embarrassed, not because he had forgotten to clean up, but because he had forgotten to un-clean-up. Chris was a bit of a neat freak; his place hardly even looked lived in. He was surprised to find himself worrying what Dave was thinking. And it was not comforting that the guy wasn't saying anything. Chris cleared his throat. "Well, here we are. Happy now?"

"Very." The object of his anxieties looked at him and unexpectedly beamed. It lit up his face beautifully and took Chris slightly aback. But he was totally unprepared for what followed; Dave closed the distance between them in two long steps and hugged him so tightly he couldn't breathe.

"Hey!" he managed to choke out. The grip loosened, but he didn't let go. "Hey. Dave."

"Hm?" Dave snuggled into Chris's shoulder and didn't move. Chris was about to object again, but then he discovered that he was enjoying it. This realization was slow to come, seeming to enter his body at his extremities and lazily spread to his core, where it hovered around and bumped against his insides and gave him butterflies. A nervous feeling, but a good one. So he hugged back. And Chris knew it was true. It was true, real, honest, right, sincere, definite, absolute. He couldn't say exactly what "it" was. It was an idea, a specific consciousness that he couldn't quite define. But it was true.

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