My Journey to become Hokage.

A Naruto fanfiction

By AeLi's LaNd Of DrEaM's


The Deed is Done

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AN: This has been edited and the ending of the prologue has changed. To all my readers I suggest you read the ending since the Couple Pair have Changed to Naru and Itachi and a one sided thing on Kakashi's part.

The night of October 10th the Nine Tailed Fox has come to destroy the hidden leaf and that very night someone was born, Naru Namikaze the daughter of the Yondamie Hokage.

"Lord Hokage, your wife just went into labor."

"What! Not now! She couldn't have she isn't due until next week," Minato exclaimed.

The Yondamie went to his thoughts, 'There's only one thing I can do now is seal the fox into the new born baby. If anything goes wrong with the seal, then I'll be absorbed.

Minato ran to the hospital where his child is being born and saw his precious girl in the nursery, but became devastated because his wife died in the process of giving birth to their baby girl. He turned to his anbu who followed him to the hospital, "Find me Kakashi Hatake Now! Tell him to meet me at the tower pronto."

"Yes, sir," The anbu chorused.

Minato left the hospital with baby Naru sound asleep in his arms to the Hokage tower where he met Kakashi.

"Kakashi, I want you to come with me. I'm going to seal the fox into Naru. If something goes wrong, I'll be sealed with the fox. I also want you to look after her if I'm gone."

Kakashi nodded his head in acknowledgement and then asked, "Yes, Sensei, but how would we know if your sealed in her also?"

"When she's older you can ask her."

Minato left with a sweep of his battle coat with baby Naru in his arms followed by Kakashi in a puff of smoke. Then the deed was done, but something went wrong with the sealing. Instead of the death god taking his life, the death god put Minato inside the seal with the fox inside Naru. No one knows why the Shinigami did what he did, not even Minato knew why, but Minato's last words to Naru were, "I love you, Naru Namikaze."

Kakashi watched as his Sensei's body disappeared, but after the sealing had finished, Kakashi picked Naru up off the ground and took her to the hospital. Kakashi couldn't help but stare into Naru's deep blue eyes and feel a deep connection. Little did he know, she wouldn't return his deep connection when she got older.