Chapter 4


Part 2 of 2

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"What can I do for you Naru?" Itachi asked.

"Nothing really Nii-san, I'm just walking to my estate before dark hit," Naru said muttering the last little bit.

Itachi raise an eyebrow, but made no further comment because 1) her attention was focused on his little brother standing beside him, lastly since he knew why she said the last part quietly, though that was a story for another time.

"Itachi-nii- san, who's that blonde idiot in front of us?" asked Sasuke.

Naru growled and glared at the younger uchiha and he returned the glare. On the other hand Itachi sweated dropped.

"Who you calling idiot, teme?" The blonde asked coldly.

Before Sasuke could retort, Itachi put his hand over Sasuke's mouth to make sure he didn't make the situation worse than it was already.

Itachi sighed in relief when his brother got the hint. What he did next before they could do anything worse was introduce them to each other.

"Naru, this is my younger brother, Sasuke, and Sasuke this is Naru Uzumaki, the girl who I am assigned to guard."

Naru snorted, but sucked up her pride and stuck out her hand to shake Sasuke's.

"It's nice to meet you Sasuke. Itachi-nii- san has told me a lot about you."

Sasuke glared at the hand at first, but hesitantly reached for it after a nudge from Itachi, and shook it.

"I can't say the same, but I guess it's nice to meet you too. I'm curious though are you the Princess of Pranks here in Konoha?"

Itachi smiled softly as he watched his baby brother interact with the blonde girl.

Naru look a bit surprised, smiled her big toothy smile and answered.

"Yup, I'm her! I do pranks for fun since I couldn't attend the Ninja academy at first, but now I get to go, so the pranks will be just to hone my skills even more. Although, if you like I could teach you some pranks later."

Sasuke returned her smile with a small one of his own and said,

"Sure I think would be that be cool!"

Itachi reached out and ruffled both Naru's and Sasuke's hair.

Naru smacked his hand away, and then proceeded to flatten her hair back down. Once her hair had been tamed down from an afro, she settled a glare on Itachi.

Sasuke was puzzled because Itachi had never really ruffled his hair before, but brushed it aside to the back of his mind for later.

Naru cleared her throat after glaring at the other Uchiha to focus their attention on her.

"Would you like to come over later?" Naru asked Sasuke.

The younger Uchiha looked at his older brother for permission, who nodded his head yes.

"Sure, but I'd have to confirm it with my mom to make sure. How do I get to your home?"

Itachi interjected noticing Naru's eyes dart back and forth as she saw the villagers coming near them. Even though Itachi and Naru knew they wouldn't come near her with someone nearby that could report their wrong doings. Although that didn't stop some of the villagers from giving her nasty glares or mutter insults as they passed by.

Itachi looked at Sasuke, who was still at his side, to see if he heard the comments or saw the looks given to Naru. The look Sasuke had on his face showed he had at least seen the looks directed at Naru from the villagers.

Sasuke looked as though he was going to say something when Itachi interrupted him.

"I'll show you where she lives Sasuke, but for now why don't you go home and get permission from Mother."

Sasuke looked ready to protest, but Itachi shook his slightly indicating not to question the looks or his suggestion.

Sasuke sighed and turned around to head toward the Uchiha compound, but before he could leave Naru grabbed his hand surprising him and Itachi both.

"You want to know about the looks directed at me right?" Naru asked in a whisper.

Sasuke nodded his head, but also said,

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, because we just met an all."

Naru shook her head, but kept looking Sasuke in the eyes and spoke,

"I trust you. Your Itachi's brother and I want to be friends with you, otherwise I wouldn't want to tell you, but promise me after, you'll still be my friend." She said sincerely.

"I promise to still be your friend." Sasuke said honestly.

Itachi sighed and rubbed his forehead thinking, 'Hokage-sama will have to hear about this'

Naru smiled sadly at Sasuke and mutter to herself

"That's what my last friend said, but it turned out to be a lie and she had her memory erased"

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"Nothing. Thank you Sasuke."

He nodded and waited for Naru to let go of his hand. When she did he waved bye and ran off toward the Uchiha compound.

Naru's father who chose to stay quiet in his daughters mind during the encounter, let out a long sigh, while rubbing his forehead, but spoke up.

'Naru are you sure about Sasuke? I mean I know he's Itachi's brother, but he's not like Itachi in anyway.'

'I know dad, but he's really close with Itachi-nii- san, and I think he might actually accept me for who I am.'

'I hope you right Naru, because I don't want you to get hurt again.'

'Dad I thought we promised not to bring 'her' up ever again.'

'Yes, but she's the reason you had to grow up too fast and the culprit behind 2 years ago.'

'Just let it go dad please'

'Very well' Minato said reluctantly.

"Naru," Itachi said bring her from her thoughts.

Said girl turned and looked at him and then the ground, which meant to Itachi that she had something else to say, but was having second thoughts.

"What is it that you need me for? I know you don't seek me out for nothing."

She snapped her head up knowing Itachi was right and looked at him.

"Yea, I have something important. I'm moving into my father's home tonight, because I can't trust the villagers not to break in and for that 'incident' not to happen again."

The Uchiha went to argue against it, but the blonde girl cut him off.

"There's always a way around the Anbu schedule each year like someone does it on purpose and I know Nii-san, but it's not just me, it's also Old man Hokage who agrees. Though I do I have a favor to ask and my dad also agrees with what I am thinking. Would you be willing to work tonight please?"

The teen in front of her gave a small smile and bent down to her level and spoke softly,

"Naru, you know you don't have to ask me. I would gladly be on duty tonight, but what I think led to this is that wolf is back from the rumors I've been hearing among the Anbu force recently. And the fact that I'm the only one besides him and Shisui that you trust especially after that night you were raped; am I right?"

The blonde nodded hesitantly and dashed forward to hug Itachi, though almost knocking them both over in the process.

The raven haired teen picked her up as he stood to his normal height of 5'9"

"Naru have you been seeing Inoichi recently?"

"Yes" She said

Her father called her out on her answer, 'Liar!'

'Shh! Dad, I just don't want Nii-san to worry too much.'

'Well ya just made it worse'

She ignored the comment.

"Right and ninja's fly" Itachi said sarcastically.

'Well they sorta do' Minato said to his daughter who just echoed what he said.

"Well they sorta do"

"Hokage-sama told you that didn't he?"

"Maybe" Both blondes said.

"Liar" Itachi said softly.

The raven hair teen set Naru down lightly and ruffled her hair with a small smile, even though she slapped his hand again.

"Well I best go pack everything in my apartment up, though it's not like I have a lot of stuff, so it'll be easy." Naru stated.

Itachi chuckled at the observation and motioned her away. She scoffed and crossed her arms and answered,

"I'm not that stupid to fall that trick. Cuz all you do is poke their forehead when they come forward."

Itachi laughed lightly and said,

"Humor me little sister"

Naru huffed and muttered a 'fine' and walked forward expecting a poke, but what she got was something completely different.

Itachi had leaned forward and kissed her forehead gently. He smiled lightly afterward leaving the blonde 8 year old before him puzzled.

Reached a hand to her forehead slowly and looked at the retreating back of the Uchiha confused, because in the 2 years of knowing Itachi, Naru knew that he only kissed her forehead, when he was trying to tell her something. But what she didn't know.

"Nii-san what are you trying to tell me?" The 8 year old asked as she watched him slowly fade into the crowd toward the Hokage tower.

As if he heard her question responded "Later tonight I will ask you a question that will lead to the answer you are seeking little sister."

A normal person or Ninja wouldn't have been able to hear what Itachi said as he faded into the crowded streets of Konoha, but Naru being different and having the Kyuubi sealed inside of her was able to hear the response clear as day.

'What does he mean by that' The kid thought to herself.

'It must mean something is coming up, but not for you though. Although he knows that you'll be involve indirectly if it involves his family.' Minato said assumingly.

'Yeah that much I know, but he said "The answer you are seeking will answer the question" Though he didn't say it like that, I just paraphrased it.'

'I gathered that much. Also paraphrased is a big word I'm surprised you knew what it meant' Minato said teasingly.


Minato chuckle as he watched his daughter pout.

Naru sighed and stopped pouting, then pushed the Itachi matter to the back of her mind so she could focus on packing her apartment up, which was five minutes from the middle of the village.

After the five minute walk the blonde walked up the stairs to her apartment and unlocked it. The girl noticed that Hokage had an Anbu drop off some boxes for her to use.

The only thing going through her mind that was 'The packing was gonna be hell.'

Itachi knocked at the Hokage office door after arriving. He noticed loud yelling from someone in the room so he knocked louder, but still no answer. The Anbu, who was Shisui, was standing by the door and sighed then shook his head.

"Might as well go in Itachi. They are not going to hear you." He said.

"I see. How long has it been like this?" Itachi asked.

Shisui shrugged, but gave an answer.

"I believe since Naru-chan left about an hour ago. And this is the over protective wolf we're talking about in there."

"I see. Then I'll just go in." Itachi said.

Itachi turned the door handle and walked in just a bit.

Kakashi didn't seem to notice Itachi, so he continued yelling.


"AHEM" Itachi said coughing into his hand.

"Itachi, what brings you here unexpectedly?" Sarutobi asked.

"A request from my lady sir."

"I see, even though she called off Anbu guards a year ago she still wants one with her on her birthday. So Naru requested you to work and you couldn't refuse because she asked you personally."

Kakashi growled.

"Relax Hatake. I'm aware how you feel about Naru." Itachi stated.

"That doesn't solve the fact you're close with her!"

"Yes, We're close, only because she trusts me. I, unlike you, requested to be off of missions that require me to be gone for a long time period. Yes, so I address her as my lady, its a sign of respect. Although, before you state the obvious, yes I do feel more than sibling affection for her. But I know my boundaries Hatake. I do know for certain that she doesn't feel that way about you and frankly I doubt she ever will.

The silver haired man growled even more before responding,

"I thought I made it clear to you before, back down Uchiha Don't make me repeat myself a third time."

"Enough!" The third said interjecting.

The two people, who had been arguing turned their attention to the Hokage.

"Kakashi, Itachi does have a point. She's way too young to feel what you feel and beside the fact you know it's forbidden with the big age difference between you. You also know that Minato might not allow you. I can't let this one slide. She has more of a chance with boy's her age or closer to her age." Sarutobi explained exasperated.

Itach had a look that said "I could have told you that dimwit" which as a result caused Kakashi to growl and almost jump Itachi.

Sarutobi pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration and muttered "I'm getting too old for this."

Sarutobi spoke again, but to Kakashi first.

"Your dismissed Kakashi. I have told you what you needed to know. Go pack and unpack at the guest house on Minato's premises. Are we clear?"

"Yes sir" and he teleported away leaving Itachi in the office with the Third Hokage.

The old man turned to Itachi.

"Now Itachi, I understand you want to work?"

"Yes, sir that's correct. She found me walking the streets, and asked me if I would work, but not only me. I think she wants Shisui too."

"Very well then. You both have twenty minutes till next shift change. I'll put the two of you on the schedule as guards for Naru. Understood?"

"Yes, sir. Also I have something else to ask."

"Alright ask"

"Naru, met Sasuke this afternoon when he was with me, and she wants to tell him of her secrets like she did with Iva that night. Is it alright for Sasuke to know about the Kyuubi?"

"I see she wants to tell him. Itachi do you trust your little brother not to freak out when he knows of the Kyuubi?"

"I would trust Sasuke if he were a shinobi with my life."

"Very well then. See that he understands that it's a SS class secret."

"Yes Lord Hokage"

"Good now you dismissed" Hiruzen commanded.

Itachi left out the door leaving the Hokage to his thoughts and paperwork.

Sarutobi Hiruzen pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration that comes every year on October 10th. He still recalls the betrayal of Naru's closest friend she had, like it was yesterday.

Sarutobi's Flashback

Naru had walked into his office earlier that day with a cheerful face.

"Old Man!" She yelled as she ran into the room.

"Naru what brings you here?" He asked as he watched the girl stop right beside him.

"Old Man, I have a really close friend now, and I was wondering if I could tell her about the whisker marks on my cheeks that I keep hidden behind this GenJutsu you put on me."

"I don't see why not Naru, but are you sure you can trust her with your special marks on your cheeks?"

Naru nodded her head fervently causing her long blonde strands of hair to fly into her face.

The Hokage sighed and gave an "Ok" which caused Naru to jump excitedly and hug the Hokage.

"Thank you Old Man! You won't regret this I promise!"

Hiruzen chuckled and returned her hug.

"Tell me Naru, what is her name?"

Naru looked up at him puzzled for a moment before it clicked.

"Her name is Iva and we're good friends!"

"Alright you can tell her, but do you remember how to dispel the Genjutsu?'


Naru then got out of the Hokages embrace and waved bye before exiting the office.

Hiruzen was hoping desperately that he had made the right decision by letting her tell the girl.

Hours later Sarutobi still hadn't been able to push aside the bad feeling that kept rising in the pit of his stomach. He tried everything to occupy his mind, but nothing would work. So currently he tried working on paperwork when he heard a urgent knocking on his office door.


The door swung open startling the Hokage in the process especially who it was behind the door. It was none other than a 11 year old Itachi Uchiha.

"Itachi what's the meaning..." But words suddenly died on his lips at the same rate they were formed, when Itachi interrupted him.

"It's Naru... She was ra..ped" He said uttering the last part quietly.

That had sent the Hokage flying out of the room to the hospital where she was, leaving Itachi looking down at the floor.

Hiruzen stood up from his chair and gazed out the window that overlooked Konoha. Whenever he recalled that memory, he could never rid his mind of Naru's terrified face, and Itachi's angered face. Hiruzen had never seen the Raven haired boy display so much emotion before.

He then continued on in flashbacks.

After that night Itachi had rarely left Naru's side, and to a point the third had to step in with the boy's mother, who completely understood Itachi's reasonings for staying after being informed of the situation. When Naru had woken up from her trauma induced coma, Itachi was right there waiting calmly and patiently as support for the girl.

Sarutobi was more than glad that Itachi, had become her first true friend, who knew her true identity and what she jailed inside her, and despite that he still stuck with her caring every step of the way. From then on Sarutobi knew they were inseparable and didn't care.

After a year the Hokage had noticed how close they had gotten and that Itachi had even gotten her to trust Shisui with her top screcte. He had at one point questioned both boy's about their intentions with Naru, and both boys replied

"Our intentions are nothing, but of pure intentions to protect her from harm. We like her very much and wish no harm to her."

Sarutobi looked at the two young Uchiha boys in surprise at the answer he received, but look slowly soften into a smile.

"Very well. Since you three are nearly inseparable, all I ask of you is to keep her safe."

The two best friends looked at each other and nodded in understanding before taking off to play with Naru in the park beside them.

Sarutobi left the park knowing that he could count on the boys to keep her from harms way in the years to come.

Sarutobi's Flashback ends

The old Hokage gave out a soft sigh and turned back to his paperwork. He just hoped that he had made the right decision for Itachi's brother to know of Naru's secret.

Hiruzen felt in his gut that he made the right choice, but his mind and gut disagreed with each other, though the only way he could know was to wait and hear from Itachi.

On the other side of Konoha Village three Uchihas are making their way to a certain blonde's apartment to help out. As they reached the blonde girl's apartment they could see the all the graffiti on the building. Itachi looked at the graffiti with disgust and shook his head at Sasuke, who was going to question about the surface defacing art. Shisui sighed and reached out and knocked on the door.

A few seconds later Naru opened the door, and let the three Uchihas inside. She smiled at them and went to get some tea ready. Sasuke was the first one to break the silence that had settled in the front room, by commenting on what he saw.

"It looks like you're getting ready to move."

Naru walked out of her kitchen with tea and cups. She set them down and responded.

"Yea, I'm moving into a bigger place that is safer and more protected from what you saw outside. Would you like to help me finish packing? I don't have much more to pack."

Sasuke looked at Itachi, who inclined his head as a go ahead and then Shisui got a mischievous and rubbed his hands together like a madman. Sasuke gave Shisui a puzzled look and Itachi sighed knowing Shisui had a plan up his sleeve.

"Hey, Hey Naru! Let me help too!" Shisui said overly excited.

Naru gave him a look of analyzation and then narrowed her eyes knowing full well that if she were to allow Shisui to help that he would try to look for her prank plans. She then responded,

"No way! Cheater! You'll just have to wait like everyone else to see my pranks!"

Shisui pouted and went to sulk in a nearby corner. This caused the blonde to roll her eyes and sigh before giving in.

"Alright, you win. I'll show you my latest plans, when I finish moving. Okay?"

If Shisui were a dog would see him wagging his tail with his eyes lit up with happiness at her answer.

Itachi and Sasuke just looked on with absolute boredom at their cousin, then turned to the blonde who looked ready to put them to work.

"Itachi-nii- san can you grab the two boxes from the bedroom? Shisui will you grab my box from the kitchen and Sasuke and I will grab the small boxes from the living room. alright?" The blonde asked.

Two of the three Uchiha's nodded, but the third one being Itachi spoke, "What about your furniture?"

"I've got furniture there already. All I have to do is uncover it" The girl explained.

Her answer seemed to have satisfied Itachi because left to the bedroom to grab the two boxes while the others got the their boxes.

After twenty minutes the group of four made it to the Namikaze Estate.

Sasuke was in awe. He had never seen a house, so big before. His didn't count because it was a compound for his clan. The youngest Uchiha looked at the other two, but they seemed passive, well except Shisui, he was in his own little world rejoicing.

Once Naru had unlocked the door, she walked in followed by the others. Everyone set their boxes down in the entry way and started to help her unpack while she went to look for a light switch to see what they were doing since it was getting dark.

Now that everything was uncovered, unpacked and put in their proper places, she let Shisui have her prank book and blue prints.

Itachi had settled himself on the couch with Sasuke after locking the door and Naru sat across in a reclining chair. After a few moments of silence, aside from some mad man laughter from Shisui in the floor looking at her pranks, Naru spoke up, "Sasuke, do you still want to know?"

Shisui's head had shot up in alarm and looked to Itachi, who lifted his hand slightly from the arm of the couch to let Shisui know that it was alright. That seemed to satisfy him because he went back to giggling like a mad man again, while Itachi kept a close eye on his brother who nodded in response to the girl across them.

"It happened 8 years ago. I had just been born and the Kyuubi had come terrorizing our village. My mom had died from blood-loss after giving birth to me. My dad was torn between doing his duty of protecting the village, or keeping me safe. He did both. As the Hokage of the village he fought against the tailed beast and won, but in the process there was a sacrifice made. The only way to defeat a tailed beast was to seal it into a new born baby, that was me. Everything went according to his plan, but something went wrong in the sealing and my dad was sealed in as well, because the death god has a twisted sense of humor," Naru explained.

Sasuke was utterly speechless. It was a lot to take in, all at once. He didn't know what to think. Should he be appalled, mad, disgusted and accuse her of being the demon herself? No, he shouldn't. This was the girl that offered to teach him how to prank and the one his brother and cousin held in obvious high regards. To him, she didn't ask for that to happen it was a coincidence. She's the first girl not to fall for him and to be his friend, so he wasn't going to judge.

Both Itachi and Shisui looked at Sasuke with calculating stares not even noticing the tension in the air. They watched as Sasuke rose his head with a sad smile, he looked at the girl and spoke while Itachi and Shisui continued to watch with guarded expressions,

"That's not your fault. You didn't ask for that to happen, but you are not the demon. You are Naru Uzumaki, the first girl not to fall for me like all the others and be my friend. Plus you offered to teach me how to prank. I still want to be your friend, if thats of with you?"

Naru's expression went from begin sad to genuine happiness with a big smile plastered. She nodded her head with fierce excitement to Sasuke's question while the older Uchiha's relaxed their expression. That's where Itachi interjected, but didn't ruin the happy atmosphere.

"Sasuke, are you prepared to keep this a secret? It's a SS class secret and those who tell the truth, but the person involved are either imprisoned, or killed," Itachi said with a serious tone.

"Yes, Itachi-nii- san. I will keep this a secret because its not mine to tell and I don't want to get into trouble," Sasuke said with the utmost seriousness he could muster from begin, so happy.

After all was said and done, the two eight year kids were inseparable.

Itachi had asked Naru the question she was seeking from his earlier question sometime during the night, but she never did figure out what he meant until a couple of months later.

Two months had pasted and Naru had figured out the answer to Itachi's question after he had massacred his entire clan except Sasuke. She could never hate Itachi despite what he did to his clan and the trauma he caused his little brother. She knew there had to be a reason because Itachi would never do anything bad unless it was to protect. She made it her goal to protect Sasuke and find the truth. By protecting him she'll invite him to live with her.

Sasuke was in the hospital that much she knew, so she went to the Hokage to convince him to let Sasuke live with her. The Hokage relented and agreed.

From that time on Sasuke lived with Naru. He was distant and cold for a month, but with Naru's bubbly personality he came around.

Never once had he thought about revenge because he was happy to have someone by his side to save him from himself.

Years passed which caused the two to get closer and then eventually graduate with the help of their private tutor Kakashi.

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