Santa Cruz Bolivia

Alpha Team was gathered around the hotel room 301 table with the mission plan laid out in front of them.

"Break it down Betty Blue." Jonas said looking at the papers.

"Alright using the GPS from the last signal of our missing undercover agent's phones we were able to find a hideout which we believe Gary is using in the middle of the tropical forest. Satelitles have taken a thermal picture of the hidout and have discovered 7 hostiles staying in the area. It is believed that Trooves is using a helicopter to get back and forth. We discovered a helicopter which was brought under one of his alliances and reviewed it's flight logs which shows unexpected trips to the tropical forest however each time its lands at different coordinates all of which are about 5 miles away from his presumed hideout. It has been noted that the helicopter flies out every staurday and stays until tuesday and then returns back. Further more 9 miles away from the hideout has been discovered a shaft. It is assumed that this might be where the undercover agents are being held." Charlie stated scanning the images.

"So heres the plan: Dirtdiver and Hammerhead you will observe the shaft and discover whether or not the agents are being held there. Bettyblue and I will go undercover as business men who are interested in buying some materials from Gary to see if we can discover what he is up to. Coolbreeze you will be on the ridge to the south and you will be our lookout and sniper when we need it." Jonas informed them.

"And if Hammerhead and I discover our agents?" Mac asked.

"Then your mission turns from that of observe to that of engage. Wait for my signal though so Bettyblue and I can discover a way to stop Gary's plans without tipping him off of who we really are." Jonas replied.