Riku's fingers were clumsy as he fumbled with the edge of Leon's T-shirt, torn between wanting to caress the skin at his waist and the skin-on-skin contact that awaited him if he succeeded. It didn't help that he was already so erect that the slightest of brushes from his hands threatened to have him orgasming.

Finally, tired of waiting, Leon threw Riku down to the bed and climbed on top of him, stripping off his shirt in the process. He leaned down and roughly kissed the silveret's already swollen lips, twining his fingers in the bed sheets beside his head. He felt Riku's fingers hastily working their way beneath the waistband of his sweatpants, and eagerly shuffled his legs around to accommodate his efforts. Soon enough, Riku made short work of the pants, pulling them away from Leon's body and flinging them somewhere to the side of the bed. With a coy glance at the trooper's face, he snuck his hand into Leon's black silk boxers, wrapping his fist around the stiff erection there. Riku played with his lower lip as his hand slipped up and down Leon's cock, giving the man much the same treatment he'd been given before.

Leon fully recognized what Riku was doing, but he wasn't about to complain. A ragged gasp escaped his lips as he looked upon Riku's face, the most erotic expression he'd ever seen playing out over the younger man's features. The cute maid's headdress only made him that much more irresistible, and Leon knew he'd never had a better idea in his life. As he supported his body weight on his forearms, Riku wrapped his legs around Leon's waist, pulling him closer. The brunet sloppily attacked Riku's lips in an open-mouthed kiss, his hips thrusting wantonly into Riku's skillful hand.

"Mmmm...Leon," Riku moaned, his mouth falling open in pleasure. He could feel his own erection against his hand as Leon increased the friction between them, and it was driving him insane. Pulling his hand away, Riku tugged at Leon's boxers, nudging him over until he laid on his back. Leon lifted his hips as Riku hastily removed the article of clothing, tossing it to meet its companions. The sight of Riku sitting astride his hips, the fluffy skirt of the maid's outfit doing little to hide the bulge of his hard cock, a light blush painted high on his cheekbones as he bowed his head in concentration, had Leon practically panting.

He grabbed onto Riku's hips and flipped him onto the bed, fully intending on fucking him eight ways from Sunday, or at least until he screamed his name—

"Leon," Riku yelled out, holding a hand to the back of his head. He had fallen to the ground with a harsh thump, his stockinged legs flailing high in the air. "Is this a part of my punishment as well?" he snarled with a wince.

Leon gazed down at him from the bed, eyes wide in shock but unable to keep the laughter from his voice. "Are you okay?" he asked, trying to temporarily ignore the invitation Riku was presenting with his legs splayed open.

Riku carefully felt at his skull for any cuts or blood. "Do I look okay?" he grumbled, even as he realized there was nothing but maybe a few bruises.

The brunet trooper allowed a lazy smirk to decorate his lips. "You look more than okay from my angle, Riku," he all but purred, dropping his voice to a husky tone.

It was more than enough incentive. With a lust-filled moan, Riku found himself scrambling back onto the bed, pushing Leon down to the covers with a flurry of forceful kisses. Leon's fingers combed through his hair, careful not to dislodge the headdress, while his lips steadily worked their way down the silveret's neck.

"Leon—fuck," Riku whispered, his head bowed over Leon's. He was painfully aroused, to the point where he thought he might come if Leon so much as looked at him. "Leon, stop playing," he pleaded, one of his hands drifting away from its bruising grip on Leon's shoulders. He reached underneath the skirt, fingertips ghosting over his erection, and a shuddering sigh escaped his lips.

As much as he would have liked to continue torturing his lover, Leon was fast reaching his own breaking point. The sight that filled his eyes as he glanced up—Riku, with his head thrown back in ecstasy, as he jacked himself off on top of Leon—nearly brought him to orgasm. With a growl, he reached up and grabbed Riku's wrists, tossing him face first onto the bed.

Glancing over his shoulder at Leon, Riku tried to turn himself over but was stopped by Leon's firm hand pressing on his back. He could feel the heat radiating from the brunet as he reached over him and into their bedside drawer, withdrawing a bottle of strawberry-flavored oil. Riku let out an unsuppressed moan of anticipation, wiggling himself underneath Leon until he was on his hands and knees, forcing Leon to take a kneeling position.

Leon flicked the bottle cap open with one hand while with the other, he lifted Riku's skirt so it draped over his back. Wasting no time, he drizzled a bit of the oil over Riku's ass and his unoccupied finger, rubbing against his tight opening. The silveret unconsciously pressed backwards into the touch, Leon's slick finger slipping inside easily.

"You're—ah, mmmm—you're fucking me with this dress—on?" Riku asked between pleasured pants as Leon fingered him, craning his neck again to see over his shoulder.

Leon didn't stop his ministrations as he replied, "Of course." He added a second finger, smirking in satisfaction as Riku fell to his forearms with a loud cry. Leon made sure to hit the same spot over and over, soon adding a third finger.

Riku began thrusting his hips backwards onto Leon's fingers. "Aren't you worried—fucking Christ—that I'll make a mess of it?" he questioned, clutching the bedsheets tightly for leverage.

Leon pulled his fingers out as Riku gave a particularly strong thrust, unable to resist any longer. Pouring more oil over his cock, he answered, "It's machine washable," before slowly sliding into Riku with a low moan.

"Shit," Riku hissed, though even he wasn't sure if it was at the prospect of possibly having to wear the dress again, or due to the overwhelming sensation of being filled by his lover. He bit his lip hard, taking a moment to adjust himself to the feeling, and then he nodded towards Leon, who was holding onto his hips so tightly he was sure it'd leave bruises.

With a broken groan, Leon pulled back and began thrusting into Riku, relishing the warm, tight feeling surrounding his cock. They soon fell into a rhythm, Riku pushing back as Leon pressed forward, that had them both moaning and panting for more. The bedsheets were twisted in Riku's sweaty hands as he struggled against the waves of pleasure coursing through his body. His cock was screaming for attention, but the only thing he could focus on for longer than a second was the feel of Leon behind him, the rhythmic thrusting driving all coherent thought from his brain.

"Leon, I—Leon," he stuttered, unable to form a complete sentence over the gasps that fell from his lips.

Leon seemed to understand the basic sentiment Riku was trying to convey, leaning over him to grab his dick in his hand. He moved his hand in time with his thrusts, quickly sliding up and down the silveret's hard cock. From his new angle, Leon could see Riku's face, turned to the side and pressed to the sheets, eyes shut tight, a high blush on his cheeks, lips red from being bitten. Endless pants and moans bled forth from his open mouth, and the silveret seemed to be quickly losing control.

"Leon, I'm coming," he said on a rushed breath. "Leon—"

"Scream my name," Leon commanded with a growl in his ear.

Hearing the complete tone of authority in Leon's voice sent Riku tumbling into orgasm. Shouting Leon's name with a hoarse cry, he came, spurting into Leon's hand and the inside of his skirt.

"Fuck," Leon swore as Riku spasmed around him in the throes of his orgasm. Coupled with the image of himself thrusting into Riku's skirt-framed ass, Leon found his own orgasm, emptying himself into Riku with a sharp gasp. Words escaped him as he rode it out, holding onto Riku for support. Finally, spent and exhausted, he rolled onto the bed, pulling Riku with him.

Riku allowed himself to be pulled into Leon's embrace, drained of energy and perfectly sated. He held onto Leon's hand, still splattered with drops of his own semen, and raised it to his lips.

"Riku," Leon growled warningly, though the silveret paid him no mind as he continued licking at Leon's fingers. Glancing over Riku's shoulder, he could see his pert, pink tongue darting in between each of his fingers, carefully cleaning up.

"Mmmmm," Riku hummed when he was finished, turning over in Leon's arms to face him with a smirk on his face. Even if he was admonished for it, teasing Leon was simply irresistible to Riku.

Leon merely snorted, moving his fingers behind Riku's back to undo the laces keeping the dress in place. "I sincerely hope you've learned your lesson," he said, his face stretching into a yawn at the end of his statement.

Riku lifted his body to allow Leon to strip the dress off him, much to his relief. "Oh yeah? What's that?" he asked, too tired to figure it out for himself. He picked at the stockings on his legs, sliding them off one by one.

Leon took them, raising an eyebrow at his lover. With a chuckle he stood up and left the room, articles of clothing in hand. Riku sat up, taking a moment to appreciate the view, before his mind caught up with him.

"Hey, Leon," he called out. "Leon!"

The brunet ignored him, and soon Riku heard the sound of their washing machine door opening and slamming shut, a whirling noise following closely after. Leon returned to their bedroom, hands empty, and shut the door behind him. Turning off the light before climbing onto the bed, he pulled Riku and himself underneath the covers, twining their arms and legs in a loose embrace.

Riku turned over so that he was facing Leon in the darkness, and poked him in the shoulder. "Leon," he said.

The brunet cracked open one eye and stared at Riku. "What?"

"What? What the hell lesson was that supposed to teach me?" he complained, his eyebrows knit together in a frown, his lips pouting.

Leon let his eye slip shut, and a smile tugged at his lips. His boyfriend was so adorable, he thought happily as he pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Stop speeding."

About a week later, a certain silver-haired artist sat in the driver's seat of a black Camry pulled over to the side of the road, his hands wrapped firmly around the steering wheel in an attempt to keep from gouging his own eyes out. Though he kept his aquamarine gaze turned steadily ahead of himself, he could feel the trooper's presence at his opened window. With each passing second, the smugness in the air grew thicker and thicker, until Riku was convince he would simply suffocate and pass out from it.

"Well, well," drawled the brunet trooper, a wide smirk on his lips. "What do we have here? Doing 80 in a 55?" Leon tutted in mock disappointment.

Riku barely refrained from growling in annoyance. Of all the goddamned days—

"You know, Riku," said Leon, suddenly much closer than Riku had expected, "I thought you had learned your lesson last time."

In the intimate quarters of the car, Leon's husky declaration carried all of the sexual implications so well, it sent a shiver down Riku's spine. With a defeated sigh, he slumped over his steering wheel, ignoring the overjoyed state trooper next to his car.