They say even the proudest spirit can be broken... with love.

The poor kid didn't really know what to do or think, as she found herself in this strange position.

The other mother lifted her leg so that Coraline's little bottom was raised higher, to a more vulnerable position.

"Such a cute little bottom you have…" The other mother giggled while lightly pinching the white skin and squeezing the cheeks in her hands as if they were dough.

Coraline gasped from the feeling.

"Such a pity that this lovely, little pale bottom will soon be as red as my lipstick…" The other mother sighed dramatically while patting the little girl's bottom.

"Can you tell mommy why you are about to get a spanking sweetheart?"

Coraline's eyes widened and turned bright red as she felt the other mother's hand begin to softly rub circles upon her bottom.

"I…I-I…" She stuttered, at a loss for words.

Coraline felt like she no longer had control in this position…in truth, it scared her…made her feel like the little girl the other mother was treating her like.

"Mommy's waiting…"

Coraline inhaled sharply as the other mother smacked her bottom again.

"Ow…um…I…I-I disobeyed you?"

The other mother nodded her head as she continued to rub Coraline's panty-clad bottom.

"That's right, naughty little girl. What else?"


Coraline yelped while clenching her cheeks from the stinging feeling.

"Don't you dare young lady…" The other mother warned sternly while beginning to softly smack Coraline's thighs.

"Unclench those little cheeks this instant or mommy will have to spank you on your thighs."

Coraline knew she wouldn't be able to hold her breath through that, her thighs were already feeling sensitive through the first two smacks. She quickly submitted, and loosened her bum.

"Good girl Coraline. You know you deserve to be punished don't you?" The other mother said as she steadily smacked the little girl, and rubbing in between each swat.

"Y-yes ma'am…" The little girl replied numbly.

For the next minute or two, Coraline was subject to light swats with an occasional harsh one or rubbing at certain points.

Suddenly…something happened that she did not expect…she began to feel an odd, tingling sensation between her legs.

It felt…like she had to pee…but she didn't.

"Coraline, what else did you do to earn this spanking?"

"Um…" Coraline tried to ignore the tingling sensation, and remember what else she did to get in that position.

"I…I swore at you…erm…OW! I um…threw things at you and hurt you…."

"That's right, you did hurt mommy didn't you?" The other mother asked while continuing to lightly smack the little girl's bottom.

To her shock, Coraline actually felt…ashamed of herself. She actually felt like she deserved what she was getting, even though it was new to her.

The naïve little girl didn't realize how intense a spanking could get, and because she was only receiving the light side of it, she found herself to like the feeling…a little.

She began to moan as the smacks began to increase in speed and intensity.

The feeling between her legs began to tickle even more, and it wasn't long before her underwear began to feel a little…wet.

"Naughty, naughty little girl…trying to hurt mommy…well, mommy is going to make sure her little girl is never so naughty again…"

"Ooohhhhh…" Coraline moaned even more, as she squinted her eyes shut and warmth filled her face.

She felt herself subconsciously lifting her bottom higher, giving the other mother a better target to aim for.

The other mother noticed this and smirked. Oh dear, looks like someone's enjoying this a little too much…

She thought as she noticed the slightly soaked underwear.

Well, this is supposed to be a punishment. I'll let her enjoy a little more, but then she's going to be begging for me to stop afterwards.

The other mother let out a low, sinister chuckle at this thought.

She continued the soft but stinging spanking for another minute, enjoying the submission her little girl was giving her.

"You're being such a good little girl sweetie, letting mommy spank your naughty bottom…" She stopped to sensually massage the pinkish orbs before her.

"Oh…" Coraline gasped as the tingling sensation grew even fiercer, if that were possible.

More wetness…

Coraline's legs began to feel a little limp…

At one point, she slowly let them ease apart…making her soft bottom even more relaxed for the spanking.

"Is mommy's little doll learning her lesson?" The other mother asked, before continuing to smack her little girl.

Coraline merely moaned louder in response as she clutched the bed sheets in her hands.

Smack! Smack!