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He sits there. Neal sits there and acts as though everything is just fine. He tries to act as though it's just another day and the love of his life hasn't blown away like dust in the wind…literally. But he can't let it show. He knows that if he does, his partner is going to make him take a break from everything that's going on around him, everything that's keeping him from thinking about it.

During the day, the tremors are small, shaking hands, trembling when he stands up, but the earthquake hits at night. At night, he is alone, with no work, and no one to keep the nightmares at bay, or to keep him sane. At night he sees her face, at night he hears her screams, at night he smells her blood burning as the plane blows apart. At night he has blood stained hands and no amount of cleaning ever gets them clean.

In the prison they had taken to sedating him, making him trapped in the horrors. His first night back at June's she comes running in to comfort him. After that he starts biting down on his pillow to keep from waking his hostess in the middle of the night. Little does he know that she can still hear his whimpers and comes in the dark, sitting on the edge of his bed and stroking his hair, soothing him until he calms and settles back into sleep.

And the days after nights like those are even worse because the aftershocks come. He did not rest the night before and so he falls into a doze at his desk. The nightmares strike again, but there is no pillow, there is no June, and he ends up crying out in the office until a hand on his shoulder shakes him awake, gentle but firm, and his eyes fly open so that he is looking up at his partner, Peter Burke. And Peter gets him some coffee and drags him up to his office, to get away from prying eyes and eavesdropping ears, and they talk. He sheds some tears, but Peter is there to comfort him.

The next time Neal starts shaking, Peter is there and tells Hughes that they're going for a coffee break, and the man doesn't refuse the request. Peter knows that the sooner he catches the tremor the smaller the earthquake will be, if it comes at all.