Morgan Jacobs loved this time of morning. How could she not? The sun was shining, birds were singing…There was nothing quite like taking a morning jog. She ran around a curve, her gaze falling down the hillside-and froze. She dropped beside a tree, her gaze riveted to the dead body lying on the lower path. Her fingers searched for her cell-phone. She jerked with a gasp when she saw a man jumping into the nearby truck. Morgan had been so focused on the poor soul lying on the ground that she had almost missed the truck. She caught a flash of blond hair before the door slammed shut. Eyes straining, the only part of the license plate Morgan could catch was a G. Too quickly, the truck was gone, leaving Morgan to punch in 911 and wait.

"What, Tony?" Ziva asked, exasperated that the man had been studying her for the last five minutes.

"You look…renewed, Ziva. Did you have a good night?" The agent gave her a speculative look. McGee smirked as Ziva just rolled her eyes.

"Huh," Tony replied, eyes narrowed in speculation, "must have been a really good night. What happened?

"I am not telling you, Tony."

"Why not?" He pushed.

"It's a little something called privacy, DiNozzo, you might want to become familiar with that concept," Gibbs stated as he strode to his desk, coffee in hand. "Let's go-dead marine in the park."

McGee shuddered as he began taking pictures-the man had all the markings of being tortured. Bruises and cuts marred the man's body and McGee's stomach twisted at the brutality he saw. Tony shot a glance up the trail to the witness. "It's not a pretty picture. Think she threw up?"

Tim shook his head exasperated, "I don't know Tony. Why don't you go ask her?"

"She seems quite calm, actually," Ziva replied. "Gibbs wants us to question her."

The two agents started up the hill, silently wondering what motive lay behind the murder of their victim. Tony caught a flash of long blond hair in his periphery. It looked familiar, but before he could get a second look, Ducky's vehicle cut off his line of sight. By the time the van had passed, the person was gone, and DiNozzo focused on the witness in front of him.

"Ma'am, I am Very Special Agent DiNozzo and this is Agent Ziva David."

"Morgan Jacobs," she introduced herself with a smile. After answering several of their questions, she apologized, "I'm really sorry that I can't give you a lot of details."

"Do not worry," Ziva replied, "the information you gave us is helpful." Tony closed his notebook with a snap and eyed the young woman. "You didn't throw up?" He asked.

"DiNozzo!" "What?" Morgan laughed when Agent David elbowed him. "No," she supplied, "surprisingly, I only felt shock at what I saw and…I don't know…sympathy? that the man's life had been cut short in a…gruesome manner. No one deserves that." She added quietly.

The agents studied her, noticing the innocence that seemed to hang around her. DiNozzo's head ducked forward. "We haven't got all day," Gibbs stated. Morgan smiled at the older man, noting the twinkle in his eyes.

"Right Boss. Sorry Boss. On our way Boss." A quiet chuckle followed the three of them as they left.

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