After giving her statement at NCIS, Morgan talked with the other agents. "Heard your monologue before we got in. Nice. Don't worry; I've got a few movie references that will blanket just about any situation." Morgan laughed as Tony put his arm over her shoulders and gave a squeeze.

"I never learned his name," she said.

"Oh. Derrick Fredrickson. You got the whole story out of him, I'm surprised you didn't get his name," McGee said as he stepped in front of her. Morgan gave him a quick hug, "Glad you're okay."

He ruffled her hair, "Thanks, kiddo. You, too."

"I noticed Fredrickson clutching his stomach," Ziva said, eyebrows arched.

Morgan grinned, "Yeah, well, I used one of your moves on him. If I hadn't tripped, it would have worked perfectly." Morgan gave Ziva a hug, too, blinking back a slight mistiness in her eyes. "Thank you, for everything," she said. She looked at each of them, wishing she didn't have to leave.

Gibbs came around the corner, a packet of paper in his hands. Morgan noticed the twinkle in his eyes again. She had gotten to know each of these people so well-And here came Abby and Ducky, walking over to the group, both wearing a smile.

"You've got another paper to sign." Gibbs placed the papers in her hand. Confused, she looked down.


"These forms get you started on becoming a member of our team."

Morgan stared at the papers, warmth spreading through her.

"You'll be doing your training with us, of course," Tony added, "We'll teach you crime solving, fighting, computer-McGeekiness, the whole she-bang."

Morgan studied Gibbs, "This is for real?" He nodded. She spun for McGee's desk and grabbed a pen. Without reading any of the pages, she turned to the last one and signed her name with a flourish. Straightening from the desk, she placed the papers in Gibbs' hand. Cocking an eyebrow, she asked, "So, when do we start, Boss?"

AN: So that's the end of this story. I had to have a happy ending, but I did leave it open with Lenier being free. I have an idea for a sequel, if anyone's interested. Let me know if you are! Thanks to everyone who read this!