Surprise Party!

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6:42pm at the Arcade

"A Surprise Party, huh?"

"Yeah! It's gonna be awesome! We're going to have food and everything!"

Shino looked at Kiba with a bored expression, but really. When does he not have a bored expression? Absently he nodded.

"Sure, doesn't seem too bad. As long as it's not like the last time!"

Flash Back

"Hey Shino! Let's throw a costume party!"

The indifferent boy glanced over to see Kiba's excited expression and sighed.

"Fine, but only because I have nothing better to do today."

At the party

"Hey uh, Kiba…Why are those girls staring at me?"

"Oh, them! I took the liberty of inviting some of your fangirls! Hope you don't mind. They were really begging me to come so I said as long as you have a costume I guess."

*Queue fangirl squeals*


End Flash Back

"I spent the next day cleaning lip stick off my body!"

"Once! That Happened ONCE!" The fanged boy exclaimed putting one finger up to get his point across.

"Don't make me remind you about the Jell-O incident as well." The tired boy shuddered at the memory.

"Well, it won't be anything like those two incidents because the only one's coming to this party will be our friends."

"Sure, sure. So what is this one going to be about again?" Shino ran his fingers through his hair.

"So you know how Naruto said he got himself a new girlfriend?"


"Well, I was thinking I would throw him a little congratulations party and welcome the girl into our circle!" Kiba gave Shino a wide grin while telling the uninterested boy hoping he would agree.

"Sigh, I guess so. So what time?"

"I was thinking about 8. That's the time Naruto said she would be there. He also said something about not disturbing him, but I just brushed that off." Kiba raised a finger to tap at his chin while Shino raised an eye brow at the comment but decided to shrug it off. Who knows what goes on inside Kiba's mind?

7:50 At Naruto's House


"Hey, dobe."

"Teme, I thought I told you to stop calling me that!"

Naruto was seated in the couch watching television when he sent a heated glance towards the figure at the door. Sasuke was dressed in a tight sleeveless black leather zip that contrasted against his pale skin, defining every lean muscle in his torso. His skinny jeans had chains hanging from the sides to running to the back, across his ass which the jeans clung to oh, so perfectly. His shoes were black Vans with white threads on the side. In summary, Sasuke looked drop dead gorgeous.

Naruto, who was wearing his usual see through black checkered undershirt with orange cargo pants, licked his lips with a hungry look in his eyes. Getting off the couch he walked over to Sasuke, who was taking his shoes off paying no mind to Naruto.

"Mmn…You look good in that outfit."

"Yeah? I got it from my friend over at that store, Chic."

Naruto swayed his hips, walking toward the sitting figure facing the door. Naruto leaned against Sasuke his mouth pressing right next to his ear roaming his hands down and up Sasuke's toned arms in a suggestive motion.


The whisper sent shivers down Sasuke's spine as he turned his head around, brushing Naruto's lips with his own.

"You're putting on a show as well."

Sasuke turned around his shoes now off by the door as he leaned on Naruto, slowly pushing him to the ground. Sasuke's hand traveled up Naruto's undershirt and pinched one upright nipple.


Naruto moaned at the feel of his pink nub being fondled with and leaned his head up to capture Sasuke's lips. The bigger teen accepted the kiss, leaning into it he swiped a tongue along Naruto's bottom lip. Naruto's hand traveled to the upper torso of the other boy and pulled the zipper down as he parted his lips and started frenching the boy.

Sasuke dragged his tongue along the bottom of the smaller boy nipped at his lip a bit before going to work on his neck.

Naruto moaned at the motion and tilted his head back to allow Sasuke better access to his neck.

Hands travel around bodies and gasps were spilled in the process when Sasuke rocked his hips against Naruto's grinding both of their clothed members together. Naruto hissed in pleasure at the feel, keeping the motion steady.

8:00 Outside Naruto's House

"Okay everyone; let's go over the plan one more time! So I'm going to go inside and say "Are you ready to PARTY! And on after 'party' ya'll come in!"

Kiba exclaimed with a huge party grin on his face, shouting to the medium sized crowd of his friends all lined up in front of naruto door.

"Wow, everyone's here right Neji?" Hinata asked in her timid voice.

"Yeah, Sakura, Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Lee, Tenten, Kankuro, Dosu, Gaara, Anko, Temari, Sai, Jariya…" Hinata let Neji go on and on until she caught sight of a black and red Bugatti Veyron in the corner of her eye.

"Hey. Isn't that Sasuke's car?" Hinata cut in and questioned.

"Yeah. Strange, because I asked him if he was free today and he automatically said no and slammed the door in my face." Neji scrunched his face in thought but was interrupted by Kiba's quieting of the group.

"Okay! Okay! I'm going in now!"

Kiba said to the crowd as he turned around and inserted his extra key into the door lock oh, so slowly. He turned to Shino who was right beside him and grinned wildly with excitement as he opened the door.


8:01 Inside Naruto's House

Things were getting hot and heavy with both of Naruto and Sasuke's clothes off in a corner somewhere. They were still in the same place, the step that led into Naruto's house.


Naruto gasped as Sasuke grabbed Naruto's length and started to pump him too slowly for Naruto. Sasuke, then, positioned himself at the entrance of Naruto's puckered hole and slowly pushed inside the warm cavern eliciting a moan from the smaller boy.

Naruto then suddenly flipped them over.

"Let me do it."

He then pushed down on Sasuke's hard length slowly picking up the pace every push down. Sasuke moaned low in the back of his throat and griped Naruto's hips digging his nails into them as he bucked his hips to meet Naruto at every thrust.

Naruto screamed silently as he felt tremors going up and down his spine as Sasuke bucked right where his sweet spot was. Naruto clenched around Sasuke and breathed.

"I'm…g-…onn-ahhh! Come….nyahhh!"

Sasuke was close to the end as well as he pumped Naruto with his right hand, up and down in a rapid motion. Right when he felt Naruto tighten around him he knew he was coming.

They both saw white, and that's when they heard the door opened.

"ARE YOU READY TO…" Kiba looked to the scene before him and his jaw dropped.


Naruto and Sasuke…

Doing IT….

Naruto was riding Sasuke and then they both…Naruto collapsing on top of Sasuke the hot, white fluid in-between them.

"Hey, what is it?" Shino asked as he pushed Kiba's arms to get a look at the same scene as Kiba.

It was then Naruto and Sasuke got up and reddened an unhealthy color. Looking at the crowd of people, who was looking back at them. No. Not looking. Staring was more like it. Gawking, at their large display, at the door.

Naruto got his bearing first, getting off of Sasuke and threw a shoe at Kiba's shell shocked face (most likely Sasuke's shoe). He then screamed something that sounded like gibberish and slammed the door shut, leaning on the frame for support. Sasuke's eyes were so unfocused that that they were trembling.

Naruto noticed Sasuke getting up, putting his clothes on and then retreating to a small corner, emitting a small aura of depression.

"Well, this is definitely NOT how I expected our friends out find out about us."

Naruto said putting his clothes back on with a nervous grin. He then went over to the corner to where Sasuke was and hugged him reassuringly.

"That…was so…embarrassing…they saw…EVERYTHING!" Sasuke griped the wrists around his lithe frame for much needed grounding. This all felt like a dream. The way all of their teachers, and friends saw them. They didn't just see they beheld their intimate moment. It felt like it wasn't real until he came to the horrible realization that it WAS real. They all DID see him and Naruto doing that.

Sasuke abruptly got up and kicked the wall so hard it had a dent in it.

"…You're paying for that later…" Naruto murmured.

"Okay…I think I'm ready."

The crowd seemed shocked, but shocked didn't even begin to underline the situation. They were more astounded then anything. Who would've guessed that Naruto and Sasuke. The two people who absolutely loathed each other, more than anything in the world.

"I guess it's what they say…Opposites attract." Surprisingly Hinata was the first one to speak, considering that she was in love with Naruto for so many years.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" Sakura screamed, in obvious anguish. She was in love with Sasuke for many years like Hinata but was obviously taking a different route.

There were then whispers of 'Ohmygods' and 'Did you see that's?'

Kiba then looked at Shino who wore the same face as him, stunned.

"Shino… Did you…see the same thing that I did?"

"Umm... Naruto and Sasuke-"

"Yeah that!"

Then every conversation was cut short from a large 'BOOM' from inside the house, and everything was silent again.


The door then opened and out came a slightly red Naruto slightly behind Sasuke who seemed as impassive as ever. Sasuke stared. Naruto looked towards the ground. The crowd was staring. Kiba was staring. Shino was staring. Silence.

Sasuke cleared his throat and everyone flinched at the unexpected action.

"Well. This is awkward…"


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