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Dr. Spencer Reid lay in bed, well more like sat in bed, covers tucked securly around him and a book resting on his lap. It was only the second day of his two week vacation Hotch was forcing him to take and he was already getting bored, having read all his new books already and he was re-reading his favourites.

He considered calling his co-workers Derek Morgan or Penelope Garcia, but it was late, and he had already called them both at least five times and they'd probably just hang up on him or tell him to enjoy his vacation and stop worrying about things.

A sudden knock on the door made him jump, knocking his glasses down his nose.

Reid looked at the digital alarm clock on his nightstand which read 1:17am, then over to his bedroom door which was half open and showing his darkened apartment.

'Who's knocking on my door at one in the morning?' wondered Reid as he closed his book and kicked off the covers before getting up and shuffling out of his room just as the visitor knocked again.

"Just a second," called Reid as he pushed his glasses back up his nose and flicked on a light to see where he was going.

He pulled open the door and blinked at the stranger standing in the hall, "uh hi, can I help you?" Reid kept his voice somewhat quiet but polite, trying not to let his annoyance show.

The man in the hall was tall, well built wearing a leather jacket and ball cap, Reid couldn't be certain of his age but if he had to guess he'd say mid-thirties.

"Hey, I didn't mean to wake you, but my car got towed and I don't have my phone on me, could I borrow yours to call for a cab?" he spoke with a slight accent that the young detective couldn't quite determine and his smile a shy and slightly nervous.

"It's um...It's fine, I wasn't even sleeping," Reid replied as he stood aside and motioned for the man to come in. Closing the door behind him he walked over to where the phone sat on the charger on the small coffee table in the middle of his living room.

The man laughed slightly as Reid handed him the phone, "seriously? It's like, one in the morning, I thought everyone would be sleeping."

Reid shrugged, "just not tired I guess," he turned and started fixing the books on the end table by the couch when he heard it. The sound of a bullet clicking into place.

Reid froze, panic quickly stabbing through him as he slowly raised his hands to show he was surrendering, his eyes darting around trying to remember where he kept the emergency gun Hotch insisted he have in his apartment, "t-take whatever you want." he stammered.

He could hear the smile in the strangers voice, "anything I want?"

Reid wet his lips feeling suddenly exposed even though he was wearing an oversized t-shirt and sweat pants. He nodded quickly.

The man laughed, "you're gonna really wish you didn't say that... Spencer."

Reid's eyes widened at the use of his first name and he quickly lunged for the opposite end table where he kept the small revolver, his bare feet digging into the couch cushions in an effort to get there faster.

There was the sound of quick footsteps then a rough hand fisted painfully into his hair and his head was yanked back, the muzzle of a gun pressed to the underside of his jaw.

Reid lay sprawled on his stomach on the couch, one arm extended towards the nightstand, gasping as splinters of pain went through his skull from the mans grip on his shaggy hair.

"Scream and I pull the trigger." the man warned seeming amused as he pulled the younger man off the couch by his hair and onto the floor, Reid's back against his legs.

Reid squirmed and clutched at the strangers wrist trying to make him let go, but when he felt the gun get pressed harder against his neck he stopped and took a shaky breath, his mind racing, 'This can't be happening..'

"Don't forget, you said I could take whatever I want Spencer," his tone was mocking and made Reid's skin crawl, "and what i want, Spencer..." he crouched carefully, moving the gun so it was pressed to Reid's temple hard enough to bruise, Reid's head pulled back against his shoulder so the young doctor could see him out of the corner of his eye.

His voice dropped to a raspy whisper, "Is you."


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