On a remote island in Vermillion Harbor, there sits a mysterious truck. Hyper beams bounce off its windows, Weavile and expert thieves fail to pick the locks on the doors, and the strength of a hundred Machamp can not move it a millimeter. Its wheels are small, it sits low to the ground, and Dugtrio who try to tunnel under it find their way blocked by a strange and extremely strong substance.

Beneath the truck sleeps Mew, as it has ever since Mewtwo was defeated. It is said that in Kanto's darkest hour, a chosen one will appear who can lift the truck, or perhaps open its doors and drive it away. Mew will wake only then from its slumber, and commanded by the chosen one, save Kanto once again.

Many have tried to move the truck. Others have tried many other bizarre methods to obtain Mew, such as using a moon stone on Magikarp, but all have failed for they sought Mew only for its power. Power, however, belongs rightfully only to those with the courage and wisdom to utilize it effectively, and it is for this reason that the chosen one shall be crowned king after his victory, or so the legend states. This part of the tale does not sit well with Kanto's people, who have had more than enough of kings and emperors; indeed, a popular variant says the chosen one will commit suicide when offered a crown, for he values republics more than his own life.

Whether the story is true or not, great danger means countless casualties, and an age of heroes is one of villains as well; indeed, many villains are heroes corrupted by power, and they say there is none stronger than Mew. I, for one, hope that Mew sleeps forever.

This concludes the Kanto Pokedex. I would like to thank my friends, for they have given me many ideas and let me bounce others off them, along with Ficfags Anonymous and 4chan's /vp/ for the aid and enormous inspiration they've provided. And I would like to thank you, the reader, for sticking with this so long. (although perhaps you just jumped to Mew because it's among your favorites, and that's fine by me.) I've come a long way so far, and I have a long way to go.

Now, onto Johto. Gotta write 'em all!