It is one of prehistory's greatest oddities that it is Man and not Alakzam which became the world's dominant species. It would seem to anyone that Alakazam were primed for dominance; their intelligence is so vast that human tests fail completely at measuring, and the opposable thumb is far inferior to telekinesis. And yet it is Man which rules from Isshu to Kanto, and Alakazam which are primarily found within pokeballs.

Odder still, Alakazam do not use their brains to command armies, manage economies, or any of the other myriad tasks which intelligent humans and supercomputers perform; perhaps their trainers fear that, given such authority, they would rebel. Or perhaps they find these tasks so simple and unappealing that they refuse them as an insult to their genius. These pokemon have excellent brains for the recollection of memory, but little in the way of creativity, and they were not able to invent civilization. Alakazam have declined to answer, however, and humans lack the intelligence to comprehend their minds.

It is currently believed that most Alakazam spend their days in unrelenting sorrow, so intelligent that nothing actually occupies their mind – and this sorrow is one which dulls mental acuity. A powerful brain is more hindrance than help for those who spend all their time moping, a piece of wisdom which Alakazam know all too well.