From the dawn of philosophy, men have struggled to make peace with the usage of Machoke as beasts of burden. Unlike Torchic, Oddish, and other farm pokemon, Machoke are a fighting-type not that different from our own ancestors. Although known for their strength, they are fairly intelligent beasts. And while a Miltank can graze for most of its life, enduring nothing worse than a milking before slaughter, Machoke work long hours breaking boulders in caves, pulling tractors, or other strenuous tasks, often with a Bulbasaur as overseer vine whipping them when they slow down.

Pokemon rights activists have battled the poor treatment of Machoke for centuries, but to little success. Unlike many pokemon (and humans) which need breaks to ensure productivity, Machoke will work at full effectiveness until they collapse from exhaustion, and typically return to the field a revive or pokemon center trip later. Furthermore, while the pain and monotony of their work does have an impact on them, Machoke are loyal pokemon who would sooner endure abuse with a grim countenance than break the chains which symbolically bind them: symbolically, as humans have yet to invent chains strong enough to hold a Machoke.

Occasionally, a Machoke does escape, but they rarely do anything to help their cause. Typically (at least in Kanto) these Machoke find their way to Team Rocket or other criminal organizations, who offer them a better trainer and the chance to test their muscles in combat, as virtually all fighting pokemon desire.