Aromatisse have often been seen as seducers akin to non-transforming Ditto, for their efforts to kiss and attract pokemon regardless of species; they will even attempt their charms on humans. Most of these efforts, however, are in vain; although their fellow fairies will mate with these pokemon, and most people and pokemon view an Aromatisse's efforts of leg-flashing seduction with reactions ranging from bemusement to disgust.

Yet a few are willing to disrobe or present, and it is here where they discover the ruse central to an Aromatisse's routine. For the Aromatisse's true purpose is not mating, but healing, through a myriad of noxious smells and attacks. These techniques are painful, but the illnesses they cure, if allowed to grow, shall hurt their targets far more. And although these pokemon most often heal asymptomatic patients, for the sick rarely have use for love, even those in their death throes can often be cured by an Aromatisse's touch.

The strange magic of Aromatisse medicine is that those they cure themselves become healers, unwittingly spreading the cure to their old pathogens to everyone they contact, as easily as they once spread plagues. Aromatisse are far less effective at curing the diseases of genetics and old age so common in our era of long lifespans, but the people of Kalos ought to be grateful for the Aromatisse, for it has long shielded them from the worst pandemics in history.

However, this has done the Aromatisse little good, for the few who divulged the true nature of their "seduction" have typically done so during bestiality trials, and therefore were disbelieved. Even today, there are very few people who realize the power of Aromatisse medicine, and many who carry that awareness are too disturbed by the process to make use of their knowledge.