It is surprising that anyone at all should be crushed by a Bewear's embrace, for they are precisely the sort of large and dangerous predatory pokemon that people are warned about since childhood. Yet humans do not always apply lessons taught about Pangoro or Ursaring to their Alolan relatives, and the very name which the Bewear speak reflects danger. A danger which comes not from some impending disaster, like with Absol's warnings, but from being wrapped in a Bewear's own arms.

Bewear are not, as many believe, cruel or treacherous pokemon. Yet they are immensely strong, and their Stufful cubs have evolved a tough hide to survive their mothers' affections – sadly, Bewear have not evolved a similar ability to control their own strength. Much to their regret, Bewear are the single pokemon species responsible for the most human fatalities in Alola, and while at times their victims are simply friendly strangers, most commonly they are the pokemon's own trainers. Should they crush them, Bewear will sit by their graves for days, weeping and cursing their own strength, and return annually, before hibernating, for the rest of their days.

Deep in the wilds of Poni Island lies a small forest, sought out by humans from around the world who have lost the will to live. Some say their lives have become so miserable that even death would be better, while others believe that all they need is a hug and a bit of affection; the Bewear, for their part, provide both.