Galar can be a dangerous place for wild pokemon, but Scorbunny, to their evolutionary detriment, remain blissfully unaware of this danger. These pokemon jump out of trees and mountains, land on water and rocks and even the faces of predators, confident that the flames on their feet will protect them.

Scorbunny, although popular pets, are extinct in the wild – a fact which baffles scientists far less than that their notoriously fearless behavior ever evolved in the first place. Some have seen it as a means of population control, and it is true that Scorbunny have large litters, yet what is known of the Galarian Pleistocene does not suggest an environment so friendly to these pokemon that jumping around, quite often to their deaths, was the only way to prevent an even greater die-off. Most scientists suggest their jumping habits evolved only with domestication, and it is true that early cities and farms do not share the hazards of either modern skyscrapers or the Wild Area. But the few historical mentions of wild Scorbunny describe a pokemon no less courageous than their tame counterparts, leading some historians to prefer another explanation.

Just as the seeds of grass pokemon are carried in the beaks of birds, these historians suggest, Scorbunny leap into unknown environments in the hope of finding new lands to colonize. According to legend, they reached Galar itself in this way, jumping from mountains and across the sea on Lotad pads and using their feet to steam the water and protect themselves from sinking. And although this strategy could not last forever, their courage certainly endeared the Scorbunny to many other species, and their fate is far happier than that of most pokemon to never develop a fear of Man.