Cinderace do not share the boundless energy of their intermediate form, but their passion for the game of Goal Roll has not diminished; it is simply that their role in it has changed. With their greater height, they are most often employed in a defensive role, often using their experience from their Raboot days to grasp any attacker's tricks. Yet when they do bound forward, Cinderace have not lost the craftiness or accuracy which once, in a different era of the game's tactical history, saw them dubbed the "striker pokemon".

It is a foolish goaltender that ignores a Cinderace's strike simply because it comes from the back of the formation, for they kick with a pace and accuracy which one needs every second to stop. Which makes it all the more challenging that not everything a Cinderace kicks at a goalkeeper is a valid Goal Roll ball; the Pyro Balls it often hurls during matches are a painful distraction for any keeper who loses track of the real ball's location.

Coaches often warn that Cinderace can score from anywhere on the pitch, and this warning does not lose its validity once the maintenance crew changes said pitch into a pokemon arena. Cinderace seem to grasp the distinction between sports better than they do as Raboot, and appreciate the chance to foul and kick Pyro Balls at their opponents endlessly with no fear of so much as a yellow card. Their speed and strength translate seamlessly from sport to sport, and these two-sport stars celebrate every knockout with the same fiery flair as they do when scoring a goal.