Although it is Fuchsia City's ninjas whose exploits won them international fame, Galar has its own, no less impressive, tradition of assassination and espionage. Inteleon were once renowned as the eyes of the king – and, should a noble prove too ambitious, also his gun. Legal ownership of Inteleon was restricted to the reigning monarch, but many princes with patricidal or fratricidal ambitions first befriended the family pet. However, the law seems to have convinced aristocratic and common Drizzile trainers to invest in everstones.

Then again, given both the exceptional camouflage and illegality of owning Inteleon, one must consider them remarkably likely to have escaped the historical record. If the tradition had been restricted to the royal court, it would have died out with the Galarian Revolution; instead, books and films starring Inteleon spies never tire of chronicling this period. From the neutralization of helpless dissidents or dangerous traitors (depending on one's point of view) to Inteleon-on-Inteleon battles within the halls of power, the chaos and violence of the revolution proved a dramatic showcase for the unique talents of these pokemon.

A spinning tail a hundred and thirty feet high is anything but subtle, but whatever stealth Inteleon lost by gigantamaxing, it made up for in raw power and range. But power is a tricky thing, often consumed by being used, and never is this more the case than when a pokemon dynamaxes. The people of Galar would obey even tyrants who kept their dirty deeds behind closed doors, but not those who sought to control them so boldly.

Some consider it a final act of resistance that arenas in Galar are built to a height of 129 feet, a celebration of the second revolution. Others, citing the tail's ability to spread along the ground, consider it only a coincidence.