Flapple may appear to be a cute and harmless pokemon, but generations of Galarians have learned them to be as terrifying as any other fully grown dragon. Their toxic breath weapon is no less deadly than a Salamence's flames, and the apples which many see as comical are as fatal as any similarly sized projectile aided by momentum and gravity. Yet not all is lost after a Flapple rampages, for in the next springtime, a precious orchard will bloom in whatever land it blighted.

Where most regions spare no effort to protect themselves from dragon pokemon, Galarians have more often tried to direct them, hoping Flapple bombardments can be lured into barren lands they own. Applin abuse is sure to bring a Flapple's punishment, but their orchards are for raising young, so no trees are ever allowed to spawn that way. It is not uncommon to send a quick pokemon such as Sneasel to steal fruits from its hoard and lead it to the desired site for retaliation, but Flapple often catch the thieves in the act, or do not notice or bother to punish them, leaving trainers with rare apples or berries as a consolation prize.

Whenever a Flapple leaves its lair to attack strangers or strafe the ground below, suspicion always falls on the owners of the land where their apples fall, who are invariably accused of having discovered a reliable way to provoke these pokemon – unless, of course, they lose more than they gain in the process. But humans are reluctant to accept that the minds of dragons are inscrutable, and that the fortunes made and lost by Flapple raids might as well be random chance.