A newborn Silicobra spends its days buried beneath the sand, with no particular expression on its face. It is only once it peeks its face out to view the surface that it begins to cry, for it had hoped to see a fascinating world, but found only a featureless desert. Silicobra soon retreat beneath the ground, but as ambush predators, this serves them well, and their constant tears are easily mistaken for markings or loose sand.

With no use for the outside world, Silicobra instead master their inner one, beloved by monks as a symbol of contemplation… and by assassins for their particular skills. Silicobra evade their disappointment by growing to love the underground, and seem to revile other surface terrain no less than their desert habitat, and the pouch on their neck guarantees that, should they ever be taken from home, they can rebury themselves in new sand, with enough left over for self-defense.

Even the tiniest pokemon can be fearsome outside the confines of a regulation battle, and more than one traveler has lost their way, or their life, after an unfortunate encounter with a Silicobra… and not only in the desert. A sudden sandstorm, dirt shot into the eyes, or a sand burial can take out any marked individuals or unwanted attention, and powerful trainers are helpless against an opponent they cannot spot… if they are wise enough to recognize that they are even facing an opponent at all, and not simply a force of nature. Many a traveler has been turned away from Alola's Ruins of Abundance in the wake of devastating weather, or lost their lives trying to cross the Haina Desert; the surreptitious and highly illegal importation of Silicobra by Tapu Bulu's shrine priests, as of this writing, has yet to be publicly revealed.