Toxel have a cute appearance which leads many children, and a few hapless adults who really should know better, to seek them out as companions. Unfortunately, these highly toxic pokemon do not make for good partners or household pets; more than one parent has only learned their child was spending time with a local Toxel when they became seriously ill and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Toxel do have a more solid appearance than Grimer, but like them they secrete venom as they move. But unlike Grimer sludge, which is highly visible, Toxel poison is all but microscopic, and if not paying attention is remarkably easy to absorb even through one's shoes; a slight tingle is usually the first sign that anything is wrong. Toxel poisoning's first symptom is a high fever, and in this state it is mistaken for a number of childhood illnesses. This is soon followed by limbs becoming difficult to move, which progresses to full paralysis within 18-24 hours, and, absent medical intervention, death within two more days.

Modern medicine knows how to treat Toxel poisoning, and it is a sufficiently common malady in Galar that no doctor can earn their license without knowing how to cure it; casualties are invariably the result of the patient and their family not seeking medical attention in time. Yet the appeal of Toxel often endures beyond even these ordeals. The heavy gloves and boots, absence of any exposed skin, and frequent wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs combine to make Toxel and Toxtricity trainers among the world's most distinctive trainer classes. Thankfully, long-term damage to their opponents' pokemon is avoided, for trainers are already in the habit of carrying cures for poison and paralysis and healing at pokemon centers after difficult battles!