A rampaging Gigantamax Centiskorch is a sight to behold, one which burns away anything in its path. Many have wondered how they ever stop, for they only grow longer and their fire hotter the more they burn; a few have suggested they are only stopped by water, and that it is sheer good fortune that Dynamax is restricted to Galar, lest one span the width of Eurasia. Supporting this theory, a few myths credit "fire snakes" or "fire bugs" with the creation of the Great Steppe, and fossils resembling Centiskorch are indeed found in the region. In practice, however, all Centiskorch observed destroying city streets in modern times face a limiting factor not in fire, but in Dynamax energy.

A Gigantamax Centiskorch is roughly the width of a moving train, and the destruction it cuts is about as wide; anecdotes abound of people watching safely from the windows of sufficiently fireproof buildings, or needing only to cross the street to evacuate, and to get inside to avoid the firestorm. However, their trajectory can not be plotted too far in advance; occasionally, a Centiskorch will whip itself at those it percieves as "enemies" and continue on an altered path, or suddenly, inexplicably change direction, so it is safest to leave the effected area entirely.

Once a Centiskorch finishes its rampage, the terrain itself is leveled out and no solid obstacles remain wherever it moved. Those whose homes and businesses were ruined by a Centiskorch disaster often see no better option than to cut their losses, sell to the railroads, and rebuild elsewhere. A few rail companies have even experimented with using these pokemon to clear tracks in the wilderness, and persistent rumors circulate that those Centiskorch who move through inhabited areas are also in their employ.