Clobbopus are pokemon with remarkably large heads, and their quickly-growing brains often outstrip the limitations of their young bodies. Although they wish to use tools and manipulate objects, their forelimbs are covered by a sort of natural glove and all six legs are usually needed to balance these amphibious pokemon on ice or land; their mix of head balancing, mouth holds, and punches does not let them affect their surroundings quite as much as they desire.

Yet a persistent rumor asserts that, much like Relicanth, Cryogonal, and a few other species, there is a method to make Clobbopus open the biggest gate of all. The dots on the top of this pokemon's head bear a resemblance to the Legendary golems which many observers find too close to be coincidental. Although the exact method remains unknown, many tourist guidebooks and even the odd scholarly work claim that Clobbopus can open the doors of Crown Tundra's shrines and awaken the golems sealed therein, leading inevitably to disappointment among those trainers to actually attempt doing so.

None dared to dream that the connection ran in the opposite direction!

The six golems' bodies are sealed away, but the same can not be said for their minds, and it is notable that the earliest depictions of Clobbopus lacked the orange spots on their head and arms. The legendary golems are artificial gods, but gods all the same, and it was well within their power to give an extremely smart pokemon, yet one short enough to fit under doors, a way to communicate in a manner they found intelligible. Yet what they talk about, and whether it means anything at all, is known only to those who read the dots; out of respect for that tradition, reader, I shall not repeat it here.