There was once a monastic order, based on a remote island in the Crown Tundra's Frigid Sea, known for their controversial practice of wearing live Hatenna on their heads. Hatenna are drawn to calm spirits, and hide from strong emotions, so it is no surprise that they'd be friendly to those who spend their time in quiet contemplation. But Hatenna are known to alter the brain waves of those beneath their tiny bodies, so to the practice's many critics, the monks were not truly on the road to enlightenment at all – only the empty vessels of their pokemon, a rightful punishment for their cheating.

One might imagine there to be no connection between the dreary world of the medieval monastery and contemporary high fashion, yet in modern times it has become trendy, even stylish, to wear a Hatenna for a hat. The Hatenna-clad monks resisted the conquests of Galar's kings and fled the destruction of their home, acknowledging "No king but Calyrex", and the way they disappeared and reappeared in the Crown Tundra's unforgiving terrain must have struck the Galarian soldiers as magic. For not long after the official end of the war, plays depicting wizards and their Hatenna began to appear in the Galarian theater.

It is not actually true that wearing a Hatenna on your head will grant you magic powers, unless one counts focus and concentration, and Munna are in any case superior at that task. But this has not stopped legions of occultists and folk healers from claiming otherwise, most of whom have personalities these pokemon find congenial. Quite a contrast with those fashion models whose Hatenna fled down the runway!