Duraludon in life are as shy as they are fearsome, a cave-dwelling species which fears exposure to the elements its draconic kin shrug off. This is less a reflection of actual danger than an adaptation to keep them in an optimal habitat. It is not wind or snow, but powerful ice pokemon, who threaten the Duraludon at the entrances of caves. But deep in the tunnels, where no rock-types pose a threat, Duraludon live long lives as apex predators; when they die, with no pokemon aiding in their decomposition, their corpses can last for millennia.

Galar's great cities were built on a simple discovery, made by the greatest spelunkers of the age: that Duraludon corpses, which pile up deep in caves, can be harvested for raw building materials. However, they must be handled with care, for the sharpness which supplied these dragons their weapons in life is not blunted even by death. And the structures outside Galar's stadiums can be extremely disorienting for even domestic Gigantamax Duraludon, should the roof be damaged or they spot them from a stadium window. For a dead Duraludon in nature is as dark as a power outage, and the lights in modern buildings lead them to conclude that they are not alone.

From a Duraludon's perspective, they are simply trying to play with old friends, who strangely give them the silent treatment, but to humanity, it is a terrifying kaiju attack. Some seek safety from their collapsing skyscrapers by climbing onto the windows of a sturdier building, to find they have grasped only a Duraludon's teeth; woe to any who pry them open.