The King in the North, The King of Bountiful Harvests, the Fool on Horseback. In its time, Calyrex had many titles, as befit the undying king of a flourishing realm; Kalos looked on it with envy as an equivalent to Xerneas, yet one unrivaled by anything like Yveltal. But Calyrex's tale is bound up with that of the Crown Tundra, and the Crown Tundra would not be blessed with so happy a fate as Kalos. And it is this fact which gave Calyrex its final, most enduring epithet; the King Who Wasn't There.

The people of the Crown Tundra scratched out what lives they could in their accidental republic, dwindling with each generation until, in time, Calyrex too was forgotten. The harvests dwindled, the surpluses declined, until even memory became a luxury these desperate peasants could no longer afford – or perhaps the world of the past was too different, too prosperous for them to even imagine. At first, brave heroes journeyed to foreign lands or deep waters of the oceans in hopes of bringing Calyrex back; in time, the 'Calyrex quest' became a simple synonym for moving abroad, to somewhere that could support a population, although no true Crown Tundra man did not hope to stumble upon this pokemon and bring it home with them.

This is no longer a world of kings, and on the whole that is for the best; the brutal wars of the world's final monarchs should never be repeated, and Galar's other pretenders have distinguished themselves primarily by mad schemes and petty crime. Perhaps Calyrex is no different, just another king who exploited and abandoned its people – but something has been lost in the Crown Tundra's return to a bleak wilderness. One hopes that Calyrex, if it still lives, shall someday answer its subjects' plea.

This concludes the Galar pokedex. I'd like to thank Vethica for beta reading, and both whenigotosleep and the /vp/ write thread for brainstorming help. I'm intending to do a regional pokedex for Galarian forms, so look forward to that, although I may not start right away. And see you in Hisui!