Tinkatink make many tools, and give the extras away; Tinkatuff have found much of what they are searching for, and seek to refine their hammers until they obtain the ultimate weapon. To do so, these pokemon travel long distances across Paldea, bravely and violently seeking steel pokemon on which to test their tool and hammer it into its optimal shape.

Tinkatuff view their hammer as a sort of companion, and cry relentlessly if the two are ever parted; thrown attacks, which will serve it so well as Tinkaton, are categorically rejected at this phase of the pokemon's life cycle. It is not known whether Tinkatuff purposefully seek out particular steel pokemon to attack, in order to properly shape their hammer, or if they consider its hammer shape the sum of their experiences, and are therefore happy to strike whatever they come across; either way, they are evidently happy with the result.

The victims of Tinkatuff hammer strikes show surprising variation in their reaction to these pokemon, whose weapon is not yet capable of causing them serious injury. Some are bemused, some are angered, and a few are actually known to seek out these pokemon as a sort of physician that can hammer away deformations in their structure. Humans, similarly, have shown varied reactions to the Tinkatuff; they are well known to metalsmiths and the construction sector, but opinions vary on whether they are pests or co-workers. Nor is this a new debate; Paldea was the only kingdom in the world to ever formally ban women from metalworking. The impetus for this ban, however, did not come from human women at all, but from Tinkatuff in disguise!