Galarians are often puzzled upon visiting Paldea to learn that the tempermental Squawkabilly, and not the reliable Corviknight, is the region's preferred means of aerial transportation. But Tinkaton do not regard Squawkabilly as target practice, and although Corviknight's thorough defenses usually protect the birds themselves from serious injury, the same can not be said about their riders.

Corviknight, it should be noted, are worthy rivals of Tinkaton, not the victims that are sometimes imagined; more than one Tinkaton has been left in tears after a Corviknight swooped down to confiscate its hammer. Other birds, including Squawkabilly, could be easily knocked out of the sky by Tinkaton, but that offends their sense of fair play; Tinkaton are testing or showing off their aim and hammer control, not hunting unsuspecting flying pokemon.

Tinkaton's long-distance power and accuracy has understandably attracted interest from generals who dream of using them as artillery, but the fae, even in optimal circumstances, are a mighty challenge to control. As a rule, Tinkaton regard the thought of hitting land-bound targets with bemused disinterest, and only care about how their rocks fly on the way up; they could never be made into castle-breakers, but were indeed occasionally utilized as anti-air pokemon.

Tinkaton, in truth, are happy to share their skill with humans, but insist that they do so on their own terms. After all, target shooting is one of the most popular non-combat sports in Paldea, and has a worldwide following. Tinkaton dominate this event, easily outperforming humans and Dragapult, and even wild Tinkaton enter these tournaments and demonstrate no difficulty with waiting their turn in line or obeying the rules. Although a variety of targets have been used throughout the history of the sport, it is in deference to the Tinkaton that clay Corviknight are standard today.