It is not actually true that Bombirdier are the sole source of items found by pokemon trainers in the wilderness. Bombirdier are migratory birds, but their range is not truly global, yet trainers report this type of find in every part of the world. Other pokemon, such as Zigzagoon and Skwovet, also pick up (and drop) stray items. Humans also lose things when fleeing from powerful wild pokemon, or throw away usable items because their bag fills up far from town or because they mistakenly believe them broken. And kind travelers, or in some areas pokemon centers, often leave healing items by the roadside to ensure that trainers can complete an often dangerous journey.

Yet there is no denying Bombirdier's penchant for using everything from tera shards to Gimmighoul coins as improvised projectiles. Trainers are generally thankful for these blessings – provided, of course, that they do not hit them in the head. Bombirdier's actual targets are the smaller insect and rodent pokemon these large birds feed on, who can often be knocked out by a single one of these attacks.

It is possible to fit live pokemon into a Bombirdier's apron, although they will not do this in the wild, and require specialized training to accept such a payload. There was a tragic time when the Kings of Paldea saw the potential in using these pokemon to drop Voltorb and Electrode; it led to some of the most brutal wars in history, and an argument could be made that humanity still has not entirely recovered.