The ocean is not always a happy place, and Finizen are often all too powerless to change this. The flotation tail rings these pokemon carry can protect an unfortunate sailor from drowning, but other hazards, such as hunger and Sharpedo, usually prevent them from surviving long enough to reach shore. At times, whole pods worth of Finizen will attempt to push a single stranded traveler to shore, but the journey can be long and these pokemon need food of their own to eat; beaching or starvation are not unheard of while making the attempt.

Finizen themselves are known as empathetic and playful pokemon, and it is no easy feat to keep their moods up in the face of tragedy, yet it is one these pokemon usually accomplish. At times, this reputation works against them, however; attempts to provide warnings are typically mistaken for strange calls or new tricks. It is for good reason that Absol, not Finizen, are still relied on to warn even beach-dwelling humans of impending disaster, although a few keen observers (and, in far too many cases, lone survivors) have credited one of these pokemon with encouraging them to evacuate before a natural disaster struck.

Under conditions of severe stress, whole Finizen pods are known to succumb to despair, often after failing to rescue multiple victims in a row. It is in circumstances like these where one of their number swims forth, seeking the power to rescue everyone they need and become someone that other Finizen can look up to. This is Palafin's origin story.