Many have wondered why Palafin maintain a secret identity at all, when few would be so bold as to attack a Finizen pod which contains one, for so little can harm Palafin in the ocean. In truth, this custom developed to protect those pods which lack them; Palafin care not only for their friends and family, but for all Finizen everywhere, and the prospect of a secret Palafin protects those pods which their own presence can not.

Palafin does, however, have a formidable rogues' gallery, and the water pokemon they have battled are too numerous to mention here. Among the most interesting of such tales, in my opinion, is one Palafin's involvement with Team Aqua. Palafin joined the movement to support its fight against Magma's environmentally destructive land reclamation proposals, and its cetacean likeness to Kyogre made it not only an ace pokemon but a popular mascot for the organization. But when Team Aqua attempted to sink entire populated islands in retaliation, Palafin turned on its former teammates, ferrying survivors to new shores before battling the team's leader… and his recently awakened ace.

A conflict with Kyogre could have only one outcome, but fighting to protect others against impossible odds is what makes someone a hero. Yet impossible odds have proven rare; Palafin are powerful pokemon who possess boundless self-belief and a strong determination to protect others, and win most of their fights. One Palafin quelled a rampaging Gyarados with zero casualties, and another wrecked a factory that pumped Muk into Vermilion Bay. Stories about this pokemon have spread far and wide, some of which were originally told about Kyogre, Wailord, or Cetitan. It is not their power, but their fame and heroism, that has given Palafin the title of "Modern Legendary".