Varoom are a species of pokemon discovered within the last century, appearing in Paldean ports which played host to the Carkol trade. It can not be confirmed that a Varoom's four wheels, which it consumes to move, are in reality inert Rolycoly, yet science has no clearly superior hypothesis to explain these pokemon at this time. Inert Rolycoly (let alone four of them) have never been observed in their natural habitat of Galar's mines, but perhaps Paldea's environment produces some sort of response which renders them dormant and into food for Varoom; the rival hypothesis, that they arise from simple coal, fails to explain how these pokemon achieve consciousness at all.

Revavroom have never been as popular as Cyclizar in their native Paldea, because of their lengthy unevolved stage. Varoom are too small to carry anyone old enough to obtain a Trainers' License, let alone a fully grown adult, so the impressive power of Revavroom's engines is reserved only for the most patient. Where Varoom have been deployed quite effectively, however, is as a sort of miniature all-terrain vehicle who can squeeze into areas that humans can not safely go. At times Varoom are accompanied by another pokemon, still inside its own pokeball, tucked behind its front lever until its presence is required.

Varoom, it must be remembered, were not known to antiquity, and both their poisonous exhaust and the weight of these vehicles has had a tragic effect on Paldea's ruins. Varoom have since been banned by the archaeological society of Paldea, but the damage is done; there are those who fear (or should one say hope?) that the damage thereby done will prevent the Treasures of Ruin from ever rising again.