Disclaimer: I don't own Pushing Daisies or any of characters. Alana is mine, but no one else is. Bleh. Okay, I know Ned's last name is never mentioned so I just used the last name of the actor who portrayed him, Lee Pace.

It's been a long day. I lost my job, my house, my boyfriend, and my tequila. I need a drink. I looked around the place where the bus dropped me off. Coeur d' Coeur? Didn't look like my kind of place, but right now I didn't care. I headed into this weird building shaped like a pie. Maybe they sell pie….

I took I seat at the counter instead of at a booth. This blonde chick came over and handed me a menu. Pie, pie, pie… maybe that's why it's called the pie hole.

"How're you doing?" She asked me with a sickly sweet voice and a bright smile.

I shrugged and pointed at the cherry pie on the menu, making her frown.

"Not a talkative girl are you?" She asked. I smiled and pulled out my notepad.

I'm a mute.

I wrote into my notepad and showed the words to her.

"Oh, darling I didn't realize!" She put her hand over her mouth and took away my menu.

I use a notepad because I never bothered to learn sign language. No one uses it anymore, so I just write stuff down in my plain gray notebook.

A tall man placed a slice of cherry pie in front of me.

"Hi, I'm Ned the owner," he said.

I smiled at him and grabbed my pen.


He tilted his head and I wrote some more.

It's my name… I'm a mute.

"Oh, I, uh, didn't realize, uh, I'm going to, uh," he stumbled to find the right words, when the bell above the door jingled, "Emerson! Do you have any new news?"

He rushed over to the plump man who came into the door, obviously trying to get out of the conversation. I rolled his eyes at his rabbit-like nervousness and continued eating the piece of heaven. However, despite my best efforts, I eavesdropped on their conversation. Okay, so my perhaps I was trying to hear, but either way I overheard their conversation about… a dead guy. Mystery solving… my expertise. You can do it Alana. Just walk over their and ask for a job.

I took a deep breath and walked over their writing out what I was going to say.

I hear you're a PI. I want a job.

"Sorry, not hiring," he said and he went back to the file.

I want no pay, well, actually just enough to pay rent.

"I said I'm not hiring," he said more firmly. I blew air upwards so it made my strawberry blond bangs fly for a moment.

I have a magic finger.

I gulped. Was I right in telling him this? What if he turns me in to some scientist? I shouldn't have, but it was too late.

"I already have a magic finger," Emerson motioned to Mr. Head-Tilted-Mouth-Open.

Two fingers are better than one!

"Olive!" Ned called, "We're closing up early you can leave!"

"Alrighty, boss!" Olive grabbed her stuff and changed the open sign to closed.

"What kind of magic finger do you have?" Emerson asked me.

Promise not to tell?

"Fine, I promise," he replied exasperated.

I can bring the dead back to life.

Both of them grew wide-eyed. I knew I shouldn't have told these complete strangers about my powers.

"You shouldn't be able to do that! I can do that and I thought I was the only one. Emerson, why can she do that?"

Emerson rolled his eyes.

You can bring the dead back to life. You're probably luckier than me, because I can only keep the dead alive for 60 seconds. If I keep them alive more than 60 seconds, some one else dies. First touch life, second touch death… forever.

"I would say I am not luckier than you. I feel luck does not need to be involved. I have the same terms, what's your last name?"

I felt the last question was irrelevant, but I answered anyway.


Ned's eyes grew large again and he cocked his head. Again. Did I mention his mouth was open… again?

Is looking confused and nervous a habit of yours?

I got a grunt from Emerson, probably supposed to be a laugh.

"I look confused and nervous when I am confused and nervous like right now. Right now I'm confused and nervous because my last name is Pace. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but is it really a coincidence that we both have the magic touch? How old are you?"

Another odd question.

Author's note: The facts were these: When young Ned was nine and some weeks old, he was sent off to a boarding school. Ned's father had already started a new family with a model. Together they had a daughter and then a set of twin boys. The boys grew up to be magicians and the girl grew up to be a chemist. After an accident in the lab, she was kicked out. Not having enough money to pay for rent she lost her house. Her boyfriend had broken up with her shortly after. She soon moved in with her long-lost brother (for free) and worked two jobs. One was working at The Pie Hole and the other was waking the dead.

Okay, so this was the introduction to my new story and I hope to update… eventually. The above bolded words are just what happened before this intro and what the stuff in the intro caused. Thanks for reading. Oh, don't feel pressured to review. I don't understand why people are always like if I don't get a million reviews I'm not going to update I write for fun and I don't care who reads this. So review if you wish. If not, good for you! I'm going to stop babbling now. Thanks for reading!