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"So what makes you feel like you have what it takes to be part of Happy Happy Clown Clown Agency?" Bobo the Manager asked me. I smiled sweetly and mimed growing up. I mimed being a mime. He understood.

"I notice you are very serious about miming, but for the purposes of the interview, you may speak."

I shook my head no and motioned to my throat.

"Ah, I see you are certainly qualified. Eh hugh hugh!" He poked me in the chest with his finger.

"How about experience?" He asked.

I gave him a thumbs-up and adjusted an imaginary hat.

"Very good! Alright! You're hired!" I smiled and pulled out my notepad.

Why do you have an opening all of a sudden?

The clown's smile faded and he scratched his bright orange hair, "One of our clowns recently… retired…"

He was a terrible liar. I raised an eyebrow.

"Okay! I'll tell you! My, what a silver tongue you have! He went missing. No one knows where… or why…"

I was intrigued and it must have shown on my face. Bobo stood up abruptly and I knew I wasn't going to get any more information out of him.

"Well, when we have an event booked for a mime, we know who to call! Bye now, have a nice day!"

He ushered me out of the room and I found myself in the lobby once more. I went to the left and entered the locker room. The first thing I did was remove the makeup and hat. I slid the tight shirt off and placed it in my locker. I turned around to grab my blouse and saw a clown staring at me. I couldn't scream, but there was no need. He ran off immediately.

I let a shiver run down my spine and continued to get dressed as quickly as my shaking hands would allow. I practically ran out of the locker rooms and crashed into… the victim?

James Robertson?

"No, no, no! You must have me confused with my brother. I'm Harry!" He said in that amazing accent. I practically swooned at his smile.

I'm Alana Pace, an acquaintance of your brother.

"May I ask you a question? Why do you use that notepad?" He furrowed his brows, but he still looked dreamy.

Mute... Now it's my turn to ask you a question. Where's your brother been? I haven't seen him in a while.

His face grew grim and he looked instantly older, "Have you not heard? My brother's been killed."

Oh, I'm so sorry. It must be hard for you right now. I would love to chat some more, but I'm in a hurry.

"How about I take you out to dinner, Alana?"

My heart leapt. A date with a super hunky British guy? Not only that, but it would be a great way to learn some leads.

I nodded my head and smiled. I scribbled on a page of my gray notepad and ripped it out. Putting my hand to my ear in the shape a phone, I mouthed the words 'call me' and left.


"You what? Three people shouted at me. Ned, with a nervous expression on his face. Emerson, with a surprised look on his face. And Olive, with a jealous look on her face.

"Are you crazy? What if he's the real killer?" Ned exclaimed.

"Of course not! He sounds too nice," Olive nodded.

"Well, what was he doing at a clown agency?" Ned leaned in and whispered. I put my pen to my paper, but no words formed. Why was he at the clown agency?

But if he's not the killer, then maybe he know something about who might have done it. I'm positive it has to do with that weird clown agency. One of their men had just gone missing. AND it's full of perverts! Don't make me go back there!

"Well, that makes sense, I didn't find anything interesting at the fair," Ned nodded his head and shuddered at an odd memory.

"Clown convention was hopeless. All those people with nothing to do with their lives," Emerson spoke up.

"Oh, you guys are investigating clowns?" Olive asked, "Can I help?"

"No," Emerson's answer almost came as quickly as it did when I asked him for something. Ned and I gave her sympathetic looks as she walked away to help some customers.

That night, my brother drove me to Harry's house on his way to run some errands. He waited in the driveway while I knocked on the door. I may be short, but my scarlet dress looked great on me and brought out the pink in my strawberry blonde hair.

I rang the doorbell after it had been about a minute. Still, Harry didn't answer. I tapped my foot and the flats I wore clacked on the cement. I turned to his window. His lights were on. I pressed my nose to the glass and nearly barfed. Harry lay, on the floor facedown. Blood flowed down the back of his head. This wound was fresh and must've happened while I was here. I turned back to the driveway, but Ned had already left. Instead, I saw a man running towards me. He had a rag in one hand and ropes in the other.

Knowing what was in store for me if I let him catch me, I ran as fast I could down the street. Where was I supposed to go? The pie hole was too far, and I don't have time to knock on anybody's door. There was only one place I could run to right now.

I turned around and saw that my masked persuer was getting closer. I was also starting to get tired, but I focused on running. Right, left, right, left. I willed my feet to carry my faster. I threw the door of my destination open and ran up the stairwell, two steps at a time. I could hear the man's clunking feet racing me to the top. When I reached the second floor, I threw the correct door open and silently shut it so that I could hide. I collapsed in front of Emerson's desk and breathed as easy as I could.

He just stared at me.

The door flew open again and there was the man, gun pointing directly at Emerson.

"Oh, hell no!" Emerson shouted at me.

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