Pairing(s): Jasper/Harry

Warning(s): Male/Male relationship

Prompt: 47 Precise of 100 Drabble Table

"Okay Jasper, remember what I told you. This is going to be one precise domino effect so you need to do exactly as I said or Harry could get hurt," Alice stated sternly, hands on her hips and a serious look on her face.

Jasper nodded dutifully, keeping his amber eyes locked onto the stairway where everything was to take place. The Vampiress gave him a small pat on the shoulder before stepping back a few feet to watch.

The bell rang on time and students piled out into the hallway. Jasper counted two minutes in his head when his small mate-to-be came into view at the top of the stairwell, chatting happily to Mike, exactly as Alice had said. He took two steps forward, as instructed, and waited. Isabella stumbled into view, trying desperately to keep up with whatever Jessica was chatting about. She tripped when the buxom brunette told her to hurry up, right into Jessica herself.

Taken by surprise, Jessica couldn't even try to stop herself from falling into the two chatting boys, sending them down the stairs. Mike reached out to try to grab Harry into himself with one hand while the other blindly grasped onto the railway, steadying himself. He missed the emerald eyed teen by a hair, watching wide eyed with panic as Harry continued his decent.

Stretching his arms out, Jasper gave a pleased grin as he found himself with an armful of human, cradling his mate gently to his chest. Harry let out a gasp of surprise, both from the surprise of being caught and the sudden electric shock that came from the contact and looked up at Jasper.

"That…thank you," he said softly, heart beating a mile a minute. Jasper's smile turned into a smirk as he heard Alice squeal excitedly in the background.