Okay, that's it! I've had this in mind for awhile now and I'm finally gonna type it. I might not have ever mentioned this but I am a HUGE fan of Touched By An Angel. It's one of my favorite TV shows. It's not listed in my pairings list on my profile for...well...obvious reasons. But you know how I've mentioned in the past that Six should adopt Rex? I've been waiting for the right opportunity to write a good wholesome family fluff story involving that plus some Holix. I figure that a TBAA crossover would be the perfect scenario for this! We start the story with our four favorite angels preparing for their next assignment. Now, this story is gonna be different in style from my other stories. This is my first time writing a fanfic for Touched By An Angel, which is a special series that requires much more depth, faith, and emotion and I intend to do it justice. Enjoy!

When you walk down the road,

Heavy burden, heavy load...

I will rise, and I will walk with you

I will walk with you

Till the sun don't even shine

Walk with you

Every time, I tell you I'll walk with you

Walk with you...

Believe me, I'll walk with you.

A dove flew across the clear crystal blue sky. It cooed softly as it circled a tall white building and flew off into the distance. Watching its progress was a tall woman in a dress that was so white, it made the imposing building look like dirty snow. She wore no shoes as she walked across the barren ground, a frown playing across her beautiful face. She brushed some fiery locks from her cheek as a dry breeze swept by. "Such a lonely place..." She muttered softly to her companions.

"Yes, it is..." The eldest member of the four replied, casting a disproving look at her friend's bare feet. She had dark skin, white hair, and an aged face. She was adjusting a white nurse's uniform."I hope you intend to put some shoes on before we go in." Her dark eyes, full of wisdom and knowledge beyond imagining, were glinting darkly, as if she was secretly dreading entering the building in question. "And get your uniform on! A place like this would probably put itself on lockdown if someone saw a fly buzzing around."

"Well, with that incident five years ago, I wouldn't blame them." The only male in the group spoke up. He had short brown hair, kind brown eyes, and a very gentle face. Unlike the others, he was wearing a white suit and tie.

"What exactly is the assignment here?" The fourth member of the group asked. She had long dark hair and was wearing black rimmed glasses over her bright, inquisitive eyes. "I thought that a special branch of angels were used to try and help people in high security government agencies like these."

"Look, baby. All you need to know is that we're three new nurses in this place and that Andrew is to go play some basketball in town. I'll explain the rest as time goes on. Now Monica." She turned toward the red haired woman, who had somehow changed from her dress into a full nurse's attire. "That's better. We'd better check in. Oh! And, Gloria..." She turned toward the dark haired girl. "Remember what I told you...let us do the talking. Okay?"

Gloria nodded. "Okay, Tess!"

"Well, I'd better get going.." Andrew waved a hand and walked off. In the blink of an eye, he vanished.

"Come on. Let's get this over with..." Tess sighed, walking toward the building.


"Why do we need nurses? You do a fine job on your own, Doc!" Rex was telling Doctor Holiday as she told him what Six had told her that morning.

"I don't know, Rex. I guess White thinks I need some extra help with you." Holixay shrugged her shoulders. "Open." Rex obediently opened his mouth so she could stick a thermometer in. "Whatever the reason, they're going to be working with us. I want you on your best behavior."

"Wah aff ah eher en oherisuh?" Rex asked through the thermometer. Holiday took it out and started reading his temperature. "When have I ever been otherwise?" He grinned his best angelic (Har har!) grin. Holiday just rolled her eyes and said nothing.

Knock, knock, knock.

"I guess that's them. Strange...I would've thought that White's briefing would take longer." Holiday went over to the door and opened it. "Hello." She smiled politely at the three ladies outside the door.

"Hi there! My name is Tess." Tess smiled and held out her hand to Holiday. 'Poor thing...' She thought to herself, noting the circles under the young woman's eyes. 'Hasn't slept in weeks...'

"I'm Monica. Lovely to meet you!" Monica said brightly, shaking Holiday's hand after Tess.

"Hello. Nice to meet you too." Holiday was slightly thrown off by the ladies' friendliness. Most people hired by Providence were secretive and hardly said more than two words at a time, like Six. She looked over at the younger dark haired lady who stared mutely back. "Hi." She ventured. "I'm Doctor Sandra Holiday." She held out her hand. The lady took her hand but still didn't speak.

Tess rolled her eyes in exasperation. "You're allowed to introduce yourself!"

"Okay!" Gloria smiled. "My name is Gloria!" She chirped cheerfully, oblivious to Holiday's confused expression.

Rex, who had been hanging back behind Holiday, stepped forward and held out his hand. "Hey! I'm Rex!"

"Oh! I love that jacket!" Gloria commented, shaking Rex's hand. "Where did you get it?"

"Six gave it to me." Rex smiled. He liked this one so far...


"Oh! You'll see. He-"


Gloria and Monica jumped in surprise as someone behind them cleared his throat. Tess just glanced over her shoulder calmly at the tall man that stood behind them. He wore a dark pine green suit, had short black hair, and wore shades that hid his eyes.

"Excuse me." Six said shortly to the three ladies in the doorway. 'Why did White hire nurses? As if this area wasn't crowded enough as it is...' They moved and he brushed past them. He glanced at Rex and Holiday as he approached his desk, set his coffee down, and began to look at his paperwork.

'Always the social one...' "Six, this is Tess, Monica, and Gloria." Holiday indicated each of the nurses in turn.

Six glanced up and nodded curtly before turning back to his paperwork.

Monica noticed the steaming mug that sat next to Six. 'Thank goodness they serve coffee here!' She decided to take a stab at conversation. "Exactly what blend of coffee is that?"

"Espresso." Six muttered before glancing toward Monica. "So, I assume White briefed you on the procedure here?"

"Briefed?" Gloria tilted her head curiously. "Tess I thought that we'd get briefed on our mi-"

"Of course, Gloria!" Tess quickly cut in. "We were just on our way to briefing! Right, Monica?" She gave Monica a strained, pointed smile.

"Right! Absolutely!" Monica nodded vigorously. "We just wanted to drop by and say hello to our future coworkers!"

"Exactly. Well! We'd best not keep the big boss waiting!" Tess steered Gloria out of the room. Monica followed closely behind. Once they were a good distance down the hallway, she released her tight grip on Gloria's shoulder. "Now. What can you tell me about what we just saw in there?"

"They're our assignment." Monica replied instantly.

"Correct. Now tell me what you saw."

"Well... I saw a very kind looking doctor. She looked sad for some reason though..."

"We're here to heal part of that sadness. Other parts are out of our control, unfortunately."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll find out. What else?"

"That boy seemed friendly!" Gloria piped up.

"I agree. His eyes are so full of life." Monica smiled fondly as she thought of his excited expression.

"He may have a good heart, but it's missing something very important." Tess said gravely.

"What's his heart missing, Tess?"

"A family. This boy is considered a weapon for this organization. He's used to fight and cure people and animals that are infected with those nanites. Almost everyone here treats him as nothing more than a simple tool."

"Almost?" Monica ventured, beginning to catch on to what Tess was getting at.

"There are three people who treat Rex like a fellow human, who care for him, who can give him that missing part that he needs while filling their own hearts as well. Sandra Holiday is one of them."

"Who are the other two?" Gloria asked.

"You met one of them just now." Tess stated calmly.

"You mean...Six?" Monica blinked in surprise. "I'm curious about him. He seems so...distant."

"And why do you think that is, Ms. Wings?"

Monica paused thoughtfully before speaking. "My best guess is that he was hurt at some point in his life." She was slowly beginning to piece everything together. "So this assignment is as much about him as it is about Rex!"

"It's equally about all four of these people, angel girl." Tess corrected. "They are all in deep pain and need to realize how much they need each other very soon. They need to realize that the love that they have been missing is right in front of them."

"And that's where we come in?"


"Hold on!" Gloria spoke up. "You said four people are involved here. I've only seen Six, Sandra, and Rex. Who's the fourth person?"

"That's where Andrew comes in." Tess smiled. "Now, come on. We don't want to be late for briefing. I know people like this White character. They get a real attitude when people are late, and we all know what happens when people try pulling an attitude on me. So, we'd best be on time for his sake."


Noah threw his basketball halfheartedly at the hoop. It bounced off the rim and back into his hands. 'Bored, bored, bored, bored...' He wished that Rex or Bobo were there, but he knew that Rex would be busy all day. Something about new people in the office... He sighed and threw the ball toward the basket again. It bounced off the backboard and went over his head. When he turned around, he saw a man twirling it on one finger. The man was dressed casually in dark sweats and a white tee. He smiled and walked over.

"Hey. Mind if I join you?" Andrew stopped twirling the ball and held it out to the blonde haired boy. "I left mine at home."

"Yeah. Sure." Noah shrugged and took the basketball. Secretly, he was stunned. People usually didn't hang around him. Since he was friends with Rex, he had a reputation as an "Evo lover". Most people steered clear of him. Normally, he'd be wary of someone suddenly asking to shoot hoops with him. Today, he was so lonely, he was willing to take any company offered. "Do you play HORSE?"

"I've played it before. Why don't you go first?" Andrew watched as the boy shot the ball toward the hoop from his position, bouncing it off the backboard and through the hoop. "So, why are you all by yourself on a nice day like this...?" He paused and glanced at the boy, hoping he'd supply a name.

"Noah." Noah replied to the man's unspoken question. "Um...my friends are all...busy..." He glanced at the man as he made his shot perfectly. "What about you? I've never seen you around before. Who are you?"

"I'm Andrew." Andrew moved back a few paces and shot the ball at the hoop. It bounced off the rim and back into his hands. He tossed it to Noah. "I'm just passing through town. I'm going to be staying awhile and thought I'd check out the court. I like to stay active." He widened his eyes slightly as Noah made a backward shot with his eyes closed. "Not bad!"

"Thanks!" Noah tossed the ball to Andrew. "Weird. We don't get many visitors around here, what with Providence being right next door."

"I'm a pretty worldly person. I go pretty much everywhere." He tried to imitate Noah's backward shot and failed miserably.

Noah retrieved the ball and paused at the familiar feel of hunger going through his body. "Hey, Andrew? I gotta head home." He walked back over. "Do you have a place to spend the night? It's gonna rain."

"I'll manage." Andrew waved a hand dismissively. "Nice meeting you, Noah." He held out his hand.

"Yeah! Nice meeting you too." He shook Andrew's hand before walking off. 'Huh. Seems like a pretty nice guy. That's a real change around here...'

Andrew watched Noah go with a small smile on his face. "Well, Lord." He muttered. "I think I've found my assignment."

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