Chapter 1

One day in London Lorelai and Rory are eating lunch outside at a pub when Rory sees a cute boy a few tables over.

''wow.'' Rory says

''what hun?'' Lorelai questions her

''nothing don't look don't look.'' Rory tells her

Lorelai turns around and looks.

''oh it's a boy.'' Lorelai says ''he's uh cute!'' Lorelai says

''Mom!''Rory says embarrassedly turning red ''and yea he is.'' Rory tells her

''are you gonna go over and say hi and introduce yourself?'' Lorelai asks her

''oh I don't know.'' Rory tells her

''I think you should.'' Lorelai tells her and smiles

Rory just shrugs ''I don't know.'' she tells her mom

''okay so are you excited to go to Paris hunnie?'' Lorelai asks her

''yea really excited.'' Rory tells her still focusing on the guy who is sitting in the back of her mom who is sitting facing her a table behind thiers

''what sweetie?'' Lorelai asks her

''nothing uh I'll just uh be right back I'm gonna go over and talk to him.'' Rory tells her

''okay good!'' Lorelai says

Rory gets up and goes over to the guys table.

''Hi I'm um Rory.'' she introduces herself

''Cody.'' he introduces himself

''can I uh sit?'' she asks him

''yea sure go right a head.'' he tells her

''okay thanks.'' she says and sits down across the table from him

''I'm 16.'' she tells him

''me too.'' he tells her

''so um what are you doing here in London?'' Rory asks him

''oh I'm um on a cruise and going to school.'' Cody tells her

''oh they just let you go off alone?'' Rory asks him

''no you're suppossed to have a buddy but mine went somewhere.'' he tells her