When she got home that night, she was just too tired. After her 7 am – class, she had a meeting for a new project she was working on, and then went for coffee with some professor that was trying to get her involved in a performace in which she was, but wasn't interested in, all at the same time. After the coffee, she went to some other classes, library, gym, did some of her TA hours and dealt with a bunch of freshmans. "Oh God, you should just give up", she wanted to tell to that frightened boy that just seemed to be completely lost in class. Finally, she went straight home.

S, I'm not gonna be able to meet you tonight, I'm just too tired. Please tell B I'm sorry.

Come on Quinn, that's three in a row, you're fucking killing me!

I'm really sorry. But I had a long day...

Whatever, call me when you're available.

We live in the same freaking apartment, I don't think I...

Seriously, it doesn't look like it, we barely get to see you. But you better be there for breakfast. Britt is staying and she's making pancakes.

Alright, I'll see you two tomorrow morning.

Goodnight Grandma.

So Britt was staying, that shouldn't surprise her. In fact, B should just move in with them already. But no, if that hadn't happened already, it was because Santana didn't want to and was probably afraid... but who was her to judge her friend? Both of them were trying to be different people now. Braver, fearless. But these attempts weren't proving to be very successful. Quinn was trying to put her past behind her, after all, she was now a journalist major at Columbia. Her best friends were living in the same city, right next to her. Santana got into NYU, History and pre-law, who would know? And Brittany got into Julliard as a dance major. They had it all, good scholarships, decent jobs, a nice place to live, the best schools in town. Yet, the blonde wasn't satisfied. She wasn't happy with her own self. Even though she managed to get through what happened during high school, she felt there was something missing. Giving up Beth was probably the hardest thing she ever had to do in her life, but now she realized that it was all for the best, at least she got to visit the baby twice a year and got letters and pictures every month. Beth looked so happy. Plus, the former cheerleader was still friends with Finn, Kurt, Puck, even Mr. Schue! But there was this tinny detail. The one thing she hadn't moved on from, the one thing she just couldn't let go. That kiss with Rachel Berry. That night that changed her life. That moment that would never go away.

The next morning Quinn woke up to find Brittany and Santana ready to leave. The tall blonde went back to the room to grab her purse.

I'm so sorry Q, I totally forgot I had this meeting and... I'm sorry, I need to hang out with you. I feel that I don't know a thing about your life, said Santana while putting on her shoes.

Who are you? Is this the same Santana López that once exchanged sexts with Puckermann?

Shut up Q! That was so unnecessary. Plus, people change, you know?

I know, and I'm sorry. It's just, well, you seem to be so happy and … I don't know. Let's go to the movies tonight.

What about dinner and a movie? It's on me.

Alright, I'm done at 6, so just call me, we'll meet somewhere.

Deal, said the Latina rushing to the door. Brit shook her hand and muttered a quick goodbye before leaving with a donut on her other hand.

Quinn laughed and wondered when would she have that in her life. Not that she had given someone the chance. But it was just that, every time that she was ready to move on, when she felt that she was ready to have a fresh start, something always would bring her back to that moment, to that perfect kiss, to that feeling. And she had kissed people after that, and she had some pretty nice moments. But nothing like that moment a few moths ago. Something was missing. May be Rachel's lips. May be her hands, her hair, her smell. "And this is exactly why I should focus all my energies in my career" she thought to herself, while she remembered about this professor she had last semester, "you know what they say about single woman, and man?, they are just more successful, no distractions, no drama, no... nothing, focus your sexual energy in your work". After this scary thought, Quinn took a quick shower and walked to the subway. Funny thing, she hadn't talked to Rachel since they all moved to NYC.