Bonds are Meant to be Broken

;;A Forgive my Fins fanfiction story;;

Summary: Days after Lily has returned to the surface to be with her true love she has to deal with the other side of the situation, that she's bonded to the land. But when things go wrong and Lily starts to fall ill, Quince may be the only one to fix his princess and sometimes bonds are meant to be broken. Set right after Forgive my Fins.

Author Notes: After reading Forgive my Fins last night I just had to write my own story because it was just that great! I knew that this story meant so much to it's readers that I started to think about what would happen if a mermaid was stuck on the land forever (or well until her father could figure something out) and I came out with this story! I DO NOT own Lily or Quince or any of the mer-tastic characters crafted by Tera Lynn Childs and I do not claim any aspects of the story. But my own story is copyrighted by wizardgurlfictions 2010, no stealing. Reviews are love.

Two days have passed since our last underwater adventure in the deep blue sea and I couldn't ask for anything better, I finally was with the guy that I truly loved and I hadn't thought about the water in a long time but still lime coconut baths did wonders for my mind. We got along better then we had in months and I gradually learned to love the kind side to him, days turned into weeks which turned into an entire month. School was coming to a close and this summer would be the first one hanging all day over at Quince's house and then going to see Peri at the pier every Thursday night. Peri kept me in tune with the underwater seas but I still felt that I didn't really belong there and didn't need to be as worried as much, daddy was still ruling with an iron fist and I could be on land without a care in the world. Or could I?

I woke up slowly on the last Monday of the school year rubbing my eyes back against the sunlight. The first sound that I heard was pebbles against my window pane as I stretched, couldn't the blowfish at least call me like a normal person? I pushed up the window and looked down to where he's was standing there in his favorite light blue t-shirt his muscles tightly against the fabric as if painted that way.


"Morning Princess!" He called up to me and I shrug my shoulders. Sometimes he can be so odd.

"Morning Fletcher!" And so can I.

I wave at him once before closing my window again and slipping into the bathroom to tame the frizz of my hair and get ready for the morning. Luckily since this is the last week of school we have an in-service day during first and second period and Quince promised that we could go to the beach and since my grades are slipping as always I decided maybe I should study before the big test in third period. I gather my books and place my flip flops on my feet, I grab a few apples from the bowl on the kitchen table and open the door.

Just smelling the salt from the waves over the hill gives me a giddy feeling and another as I press my fingers in between Quince's own and I snuggle closer.

I draw knees closer so I can squish my toes in the sand and keep looking out towards the aquamarine dream-like painting in my view.

"So after that your going to take this number and di-HEY! LILY!" Quince calls out to me as I let out a groan and focus back on my piece of paper. He knows that I was no way in the least paying attention to him and I know that he doesn't want me to have to take summer school especially since we are finally together, but in an effort to remain calm he closes his book and tenses his shoulder. Now I just feel guilty.

He closes the gap between us by placing his arm around my shoulder blades and making my head fall towards his. "You miss it don't you?"

He doesn't even have to say Thalassinia to know that I'm not the same child that I was moments after I came on shore. "Every single day I regret not calling you back sooner during the separation, all my life I was a mermaid and now it's just...gone." I looked down focusing on my hands so that I wouldn't have to look at the pain written all over his face. I was so stupid to think Brody meant something to mean, for three years I would take it all back in a second if only meant I could grow my fins back.

"We can sit and cry till the ocean's dry or we could go and walk along the shore line." Quince replied as I stood and ran down the hill, stopping only so that my boy could catch up to me, I turned around facing him remembering something that I should have asked a long time ago.

"Quince why did you always pick on me, before just always hated me! What gives?"

"I guess your kind doesn't know the old fashioned "annoy them" to get them to like you bit."

I stopped dead in the sand shaking my head.

"You humans!" I shouted in laughter.

"You mermaids!" He retracted before pulling me along the sand point at the various seashells along the way.

End of Chapter One

Author Notes: Yes that's all your getting I don't want to give too much information away, but I hope you did get to enjoy what you did read I'm really am exciting about writing this story! So stay tuned! I hope to put the next chapter up tomorrow but we'll see. ;;winks;;