Chapter Four

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Better get to this story then huh? Let the drama begin!

"So then he just looked at you, and that was it? That doesn't sound like much of a story Lily." My best friend answered as I sighed out. The minute the sun broke I called up Shannen and told her everything. Typical she was giving me a hard time.

"I don't know I'm just so confused right now."

"What is there to be confused about Lily? You got Quince, your once mortal enemy and now the love of your life!"

I mean I knew that, it took me so long and was way more complicated in human emotions, it was more deep then that. Crab cakes, I needed Quince right now. I hung up and flew out of the house, not even knowing that Willow was out way before me.

At nine o'clock I knocked on his door in an almost slam against my fists.

"Lily...woah!" He screamed as he nearly ducked out of my way, my fist still flying.

"QUINCE I'M SO SORRY...I, I love you so..." His lips muffled the rest of my words.

Oh did I mention he still was in his plaid pajamas? No shirt and no shoes required?

"Lily I know you do, do you think I was mad?"

Well any normal boy would be upset, so he better as not be under a blowfish spell. Crafted by one Willow, because if he did I would be so up in his face.

"Willow!" I said, forgetting to use my stage whisper.

"Who? Oh you mean your friend from the ocean that's visiting for a few days? The one I talked to one the phone yesterday?"

"Yeah-mind if I come in?"

Maybe I felt really bad that deep down inside I had feelings for both boys, but this was typical? I swear sometimes I wish I had my mom, had she ever gone through the same thing or was it love at first swim? Where Willow was calm, Quince was crazy. But where Quince could bring out the best in me Willow was a total stranger to me. I leaned against Quince's arm hugging it like a teddy bear as he flipped through channels on the television. It felt really good to just be next to someone even if I had my signals crossed and yes that seemed so shellfish of me. Man how did I get this way, from a girl who was smitten with the wrong type of guy who finally got her prince charming to now more confused then a shark in a colorful coral reef?

I needed to stop pretending and start getting back to what really mattered, the girl that finally found her boyfriend...the one in a million, Quince.

"Hey Quince I was thinking we should go on a date."


"How about a few hours?" He nodded as I kissed him on the lips and ran out of his house. I was going to show him, if not myself that I was making the right decision from this moment forward. My eye glazed over a white moving van as I pulled out of my curb heading towards the mall. I put the car in drive as sped off flipping the channels as I headed on to morning traffic. In that moment nothing stood between me and the music. I belted out a few unearth notes getting the stress of my chest getting a few odd looks from those around me. Sure wasn't my fault, voices could carry underwater and it just came to me naturally. Maybe next time I should roll the car windows up. I pulled on the off-ramp making good progress as I pushed through the drive-up line ordering myself a everything bagel and a small water to go. Fifteen minutes later, I parked into the parking lot checked my watch and headed in.

Shannen ran at me with two full bags already in her hand, typical.

"I'm so proud of you Lily! Your using your head, not your heart."

"That's me." I answered her with an equally awkward laugh. Had I really just used my brain? Was this what I really wanted? Man how could one minute I be absolute positive and the next be more then confused then trying to pick a nailpolish color for my toenails? It was time that I get Willow out of my head once and for all. Seriously Lily you have to know what you want, and stick with! This is your life, not somebody else's life.

"This dress?"

"No you look ...geez was it really this hard under the ocean to pick out a dress Lily this has got to be the 75th dress!"

"It's only the sixteenth dress and I'll have you know that yes it's very difficult to pick the right type of shells. I once remember that I went all the way..." I paused lost in the memory of spending a day out on the north coast shopping sand bank with Doe to pick out some new...and...and there was this guy sitting back eating icecream with had to have been how had I not noticed that before and talking about said boy, why had he not popped up if he was supposedly "watching me" he sure wasn't doing a very good job. Why had he not called me? Granted I never gave him my cell phone number but he still would find a way.

"Hello earth to Lily!" Shannen snapped at me as I came back down to reality. I stepped off the piece of carpet in the middle of the room that stood as a make-shift stage to be gawked at in the tri-fold mirrors and back to racks, giving it my all to find the perfect dress.

"Lily are you sure your fine?" Shannen asked walking towards me and I knew that I shouldn't break down but it was so easy.

"I think...I think..." I begin unable to how to explain this one to her, it was hard enough for me to find the line where friendship started and something more blossomed. My hand swept over a marine colored dress as I pulled it from the rack hugging it to my chest. "I think I found the perfect dress." I turned my heel and pulled out my favorite piece of plastic.

That evening I felt Quince's soft kisses along the my cheek line as we shared a booth in the back a single tiramisu between us. And I seriously thought that we were headed for disaster.

" ever!" I giggled as he nose touched my own. "Okay technically first date ever."

The check arrived and my eyes popped out of the skull.

"It's fine, I got it."

I HAD TO WONDER...CRAB FISH I knew it, I just knew it!

"Did my dad give you some kind of loan?" I asked before forking a mouthful into my mouth. He swung his head down in shame.

Oh he so did!

"Look remember when he took me a side to talk to me b...the thing is...could you blame a guy for wanting his daughter to be happy, go on some new adventures which by the way I hope your open to next Saturday for a boat trip.

I sealed his explanation with a sweet kiss.

Once he paid the bill and I could hardly move from the fullness of our wonderful meal he secured his arms around my neck and shot a picture using his cell phone.

"Quince give me that phone back! I wasn't even smiling, are you kidding me?" I screamed in protest trying to swing my arm around him to grab the contraption. When I did it looked awful. "Okay seriously this is how your going to introduce me to all your guy friends? Give me this." I pressed the camera button on his touch screen and gave a big smile. Quince looked up giving me a kiss on my head and with his eyes closed. It really turned out great, made me know that where I was, what I was feeling was all to common for the human girl. I couldn't help but fall more in love with Quince at that moment, the way he treated me, the way...he... we heard laughter coming towards us as we rounded the street near the coffee shop. Since we knew the air was heating up for the summer we decided to share a iced coffee, but I knew it before I even had it registered in my head.

Willow...and what ever happened to that undying crush...or was it one sided? He was...with a girl!

A human girl! What if he had told her every single thing, I looked around in panic as Quince walked over to order our drink. I pulled my hand to Willow's ear making him dislodge from the table and his current conversation.

"WILLOW you did not just..."

"Lily lay off I'm not that stupid. Besides..."

"Besides what? You think she's not going to figure it eventually how you can get a spot of water on you and you'll be flipping like a fish out of water, or how I was heir to the throne? This could really hit close to home."

"Lily come off you've taken this way out of portion."

By this time the girl that he was sitting next to was starting to walk over and if I wanted to make my point I better do it and fast.

"Oh really, I highly rem..."

"Hello am I..."

"No of course you aren't, come here." Willow interrupted her while pulling her by her upper arm so that she was in the middle of us. "Lily I want you to meet your new neighbor, decided that I'd help her out today since I got some muscles."

She gave an innocent laugh. Was Willow finding happiness in this? But this still didn't explain that if life got easier for them he would still he was...a mermaid, God life was funny sometimes.

"Hello I'm Samantha Manchester!" Her smile broke which caused a complete chain reaction! By this time Quince was behind me to catch the last few sentences of the conversation being held and stretched his arm across.

"Quince Fletcher."

Why did this feel like some long lost reunion but the joke was still on me? We fell into suit by sitting at the same table as Quince draped his arm around me. By the way that Willow was acting, it was a part I'd never seen before, or maybe I had last night, either way...why was I being so protective of Willow, he was my protector first!

;;End of Chapter Four;;

Author Notes: You guys are so dramatic, I love that. You seriously think I'd break them apart after all the did to remain together. Bet you didn't see that one coming. I'm not saying much, but what I am saying is that there will be drama with Samantha, Willow, and Lily! Let me know what you think. Like it? Don't like it? Leave a review and a new chapter shall come! Thank you for all your love and reviews!

*Note: If your confused Samantha is a new character, and now it's her against Willow and Lily.