She heard his breath intake sharply when her lacy bra peaked out from the uniform. She finally noticed that her eyes were closed, and when she opened them, she shivered.

Her sensei was looking at her with such passion that she involuntarily flushed. He cocked his head to the side, and slowly moved his hands behind his head.

Years of ninja training caused the currently submissive kunoichi to stiffen again. Was he going to hurt her?

She was answered when the fabric of his mask loosened and his mouth was revealed. The medic barely had time to admire the softness it gave to his already handsome looks, before his mouth was on hers again. The tenderness shocked her and she giggled tenderly when he fumbled with the last button.

Her small hands wove their way down to aid him, and as soon as the button's fierce last stand was squandered; the uniform was off of her in the blink of an eye. Kakashi kept kissing her lips and jaw line despite his desire to see her body.

"Calm down, old don't want this to be like your other conquests...over with so quickly."

He groaned and nuzzled her face, keeping his eyes on hers. She smiled gently at him, and he felt her shiver. He began sliding out of his pants, and they were quickly discarded. The room was bathed in the late afternoon sunlight, and the old Copy-Ninja leaned back to look at her, gently placing his knees on either side of her hips. His other self gave a painful leap of joy and for the first time in his long history, he struggled for control.

The red lace that contrasted so violently with her hair tone drove him crazy. The bra that had peaked at him earlier was now fully exposed. Not daring to look further, he bent his head down and nuzzled at her the bra line that skimmed above her stomach. Normally, he would've dived onto a beautiful sight like that, but this time should be slow.

Her breathing had become more torrid. As he began licking her skin, it picked up more and more. His hand, moving of its own accord, squeezed her left breast gently. A small noise came from her throat and she pushed up in reflex.

His mouth moved up to nibble her ear, and both hands took a respective breast. After rubbing them for a few minutes, he stopped nibbling to whisper gently

"Sakura..hold onto my neck and pull up. I want this top off of you."

She obeyed and he unbuckled the lacy article with skillful hands, yanking it away. His virgin's face was still pressed into his neck. As he was rubbing her back, he felt his manhood brush her stomach unwittingly. She stiffened and he laid her back onto her back.

As the shinobi's eyes fell to her naked chest, all thoughts of thinking ceased. They were small, but so attractive. Her beautiful green eyes were faced toward the wall and her cheeks matched her hair. He laughed quietly and pulled her up to him, finding her right nipple with his mouth immediately.

The changing from embarrassment to excitement was instant. Instinctively, her small hands grasped his neck, and he held her in a semi-lifted position as his mouth suckled. The small peaks soon grew, and he gently lifted his mouth from the nipple, tugging on it as he went.

Panting heavily, she whimpered quietly when he stopped. The pressure coursing through her veins seemed concentrated between her legs. She didn't quite understand; she only knew he could release it.

Seeming to understand, he obliged her by using his fingers this time. He let her back rest against the bed again and rubbed both breasts with the palms of his hands. Her responses grew louder and louder as the pressure grew. The first moan came when he gently pinched one of her now-excited nipples. That moan sent him spiraling. He wasn't able to wait much longer.

He turned his attention to her lower half, where small, red lace panties were waiting for him. He lifted both sides with a finger, and began to slide them down her legs. He felt their semi-dampness and hoped that would help when he entered her. Having her private place covered in pink was a delight to his eyes, but a disaster to his control.

Without a word, she watched him remove his last undergarment and they were both naked. She averted her eyes and he paused to wonder at the reason for just a moment.

"BAKA! Introduce her to your pleasure later, this is about HER!."

He shook his head and slipped his hand to cup her most private place. He rubbed her in a circular motion and pressed gently. The pink haired medic slowly came to comprehend what he was asking. She spread her legs a little more with each complete circle, flushing a deep crimson as she looked at him through the V shape her legs made.

Her gasp was loud when his finger made its way into her. Her legs instinctively snapped closed to shut out the slight pain. Kakashi cooed to her gently

"Easy Sakura-chan, I am just relaxing you a little."

She moaned back and felt her inner muscles relaxing slightly. He didn't press too hard, but soon he switched positions. His slender hips slid in between her legs, and he lowered himself down to touch her outer lips.

"That's me wanting you"

Her legs made room for him and he let the head enter her. The young woman moaned louder and her legs encompasses his hips. Knowing his cue, he thrust into his mate as he roared her name in relief. For her, the pain was searing for quite awhile. He continued moving inside her, and she couldn't believe she held him. The tear still stung, but she moved in conjungtion with him, greatly enjoying the pleasure of their oneness.

He was close. Finishing so quickly made him feel like an inexperienced boy of sixteen, but he just couldn't help it. He'd waited so long to have her...and now that he did he wasn't letting go for anything. There would be much love made after this...he was sure of it.

He groaned, smothering his feelings against her lips with his and releasing.

He was breathing heavily and he rolled off to her side, putting his head in the pillow to calm down. After two minutes or so he lifted his head only to see a beautiful smile turned his way. Her ivory hand reached out to stroke his face and he sighed into it.

"O-oh," the newly-found woman gasped as she moved her legs.


The first quarter of her thighs were splattered with blood.

Sakura mentally slapped herself. Being a nurse, she should've thought to put a towel down beforehand.

"Kakashi-kun...the towels are in the bathroom, second closet to the left, third shelf...I know you're tired but do you mind-"

He was gone and back before she finished. She reached for the towel but he shook his head.

"I helped make this mess," was all he said, and he used the towel to clean her legs gently.

"I am going to be sore," she mused.

The older ninja cringed as he hung the towel over the foot of the bed.

"I-I'm sor-"

"Kakashi...please don't apologize for making me a woman unless you regret it," the woman in the bed said in a hurt voice.

He'd forgotten that women could be emotional after passionate nights.

"I just regret that I had to hurt you, but I suppose if another man had, he would be a goner by now" he said smiling and settling back down.

He laid down and motioned for her to come to him. She came eagerly. The curves he had claimed just moments ago snuggled against him. Had she been another woman, they would've gone at it again shortly, but there would never be another woman he doubted.

He pulled the covers in and slipped his arm around her small waist.

"Kakashi...thank you," she cooed gently, and then pecked him on the cheek. Her breathing soon slowed and he realized she wasn't going to talk his ear off like every other woman he'd ever been with.

"Oh yes, there isn't going to be another woman for me," the finally-caught bachelor thought as he drifted off. For some reason, that didn't bother him anymore. His age, though, something had to be done about it.

The small former-student beside him stirred and her head found its way to his chest.

"Or..maybe that doesn't matter either," was his final thought.

Wooohoooo! It is done!



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