Hey everyone, I know it's been about a year since I last updated, due to many requests, I decide to include a bonus chapter. I thought about continuing it, but I really intended it to end in 3 chapters. So onto the story!

Oh and a thousand apologies, kowtows, and invisible cookies to my fans that actually hope I wrote all the stories I promise I will. They will be written, it was just school and my own struggle with grades came first. I'll try my best this summer, though my parents force my away from the computer as much as possible during this time... -_-

Bonus Chapter: Hickory's treat

Working hard with her mom, Clover prepared to make something nice for Hickory. She was determined with all the berries and nuts they had left over from the Spring Festival she'll be able to conjure up something to Hickory's liking.

"It was nice of Hickory to give you the prize," laughed Clover's mom and she set the ingredients out on their table.

"I know mom, that's why I want to make this myself." She emphasized "myself" to her mom, hoping she'll get the hint.

Clover's mother gave a smile in acknowledgement and nodded. "If you need me dear, I'll be in the living room reading."

Clover grinned as her mother left the kitchen. Clover then grabbed the family cookbook and started to skim through the leaf pages, intent on finding something Hickory would like.

"Lets see, stuffed acorns and pine nuts, chocolate covered walnuts, berries and cream pie, mushroom soup…oh cake-stuffed strawberries!"

She peered curious at the picture of cake mush stuffed up berries. As bizarre as it sounded, the picture looked nice enough.

"Well that settles it, I'll make cake stuffed strawberries!"

No doubt she had the strawberries. She just needs ingredients for a cake. Flour. Check. Eggs. Check. Sugar. She'll substitute with honey. Cocoa…

She knew that cocoa was a rarity here in Crescent forest, only once a month do the traders come with that stuff, and it is pretty expensive.

Humans on the other hand have a lot of that kind of stuff…

"No Clover!" she scolded herself, "don't be an idiot and go to the humans!"

"Clover is something wrong?" asked her mother in their living room.

"Ah, umm no mom! Just that I realize I'm missing a few ingredients! I'm going to go outside and umm…get them!"

"Oh alright, just make sure you'll be back by this evening, I invited Hickory for dinner tonight."


She could hear her mom chuckle, "yes dear, Hickory is coming for dinner, so get hopping."

Clover dashed out the door. Flying practically through the forest. Decoration from yesterday's Spring Festival was still being put away from the residence so they didn't take note of Clover.

After about an hour she finally reached the farm fields. She wanted to try something simpler, but she wanted a challenge, and getting cocoa at the human's place seems just like the perfect challenge.

She found an opening that was dug under the fence, it was big enough for her to fit. Crawling under the fence, she can see that the farmer was out in his field along with his big smelly dog so avoiding him was easy.

She carefully scrabbled through the garden, avoiding even a glance at those delicious carrots.

"Carrot cake would be nice about now..." she muttered to herself.

She finally reached the human home. It was tall imposing structure unlike the burrows or tree houses at Crescent forest. She knocked on the door to make sure no one answered before entering through the dog flap.

She was surprised to see the inside of the house…it looked actually cozy. She wandered through, not noticing that she was trending dirt on the ground, while observing the giant ticking clock and the pictures of human hung on the walls. She couldn't help but smile at the picture of Ben, the human boy that helped her.

She reach the kitchen and started to climb up the chair, it was a struggle but she finally got on top. Another jump and she reached the kitchen counter. She gave a quick look down and gulped.

"Falling down now would hurt," she mumbled to no one in particular. She looked at the spice jars and started to open them. She sniffed one, cinnamon. And another, cumin. Pepper made her sneeze, and she smiled at basil. After making a mess all over the counter, spices spilling everywhere, she found a jar of cocoa.

"Yes!" cried out Clover in excitement, she picked up the jar of bitter cocoa and started to open the kitchen window by the sink. It was difficult to balance the dang jar, and it didn't help that she heard a scream by the doorway. A human woman looked horrified at Clover.

"AHH! A GIANT RAT!" she shrieked before dashing back

'Uh-oh,' thought Clover. She paused for a second to look at her fur, which was brownish and dirty looking from all the spices, she wrinkled her nose and concluded that she looked nothing like a rat.

The woman came back in a flash, weilding a broom and waving it frantically at Clover. Clover panic and started to scramble up the window ledge.

"Take that!"


"You. Filthy. RAT!"

"Ahh!" cried Clover as she and the jar of cocoa was knocked down by the woman's broom. She toppled over and fell out the window, only to land in a bed of flowers below. The cries and panic of the woman can still be heard so Clover quickly scrambled away, while clenching the jar. She scurried faster than any rat, and finally reached the fence. That was when her heart sank.

"I can't fit the jar through!" she realized with frustration. As much as she tried the jar couldn't fit through the opening that Clover went through. She looked around for a bigger hole, but couldn't find one. In her panic she manage to only get the jar stuck in the fence's opening

She let out a frustrated sigh, and was planning on pulling the jar out but to her horror she realized it was jammed to tight to the exit.

"Oh no," she cried in terror. She heard the woman running towards her direction, and Clover did what any bunny would do in situations of panic.

She ran.

Except she didn't get really far. When she bolted to the left, she saw a gopher hole near the carrot patch and she dived straight in. She stayed in the dark hole, her heart beating furiously. She held her breath, but the sound of the woman faded to the background.

"Now how am I going to get out?" she muttered to herself. She peered curious through the tunnel, noticing a dim light at the end. She decided on whether to go to the tunnel or back up. Taking a gulp of air, she decided the tunnel was more safe than the crazy human with the broom.

She walked curiously through the tunnel, it was suprisingly large and there were tiny, delicate yellow mushrooms glowing along the path. The mushrooms provided light as Clover curiously followed the path. To her surprise it lead to a wooden door. She knocked on it and the door flung open. Standing in front of a surprised Clover was a fat gopher wearing tiny glasses and a bow tie.

"Oh my, a guest!" exclaimed a chubby gopher. The gopher was obviously delighted to see visitors as he pushed the protesting Clover into his house. "It's been ages since I had a guest come in!" continued the gopher, "the last guest was a gopher snake...so it didn't go so well."

"Sorry for disturbing-"

"Oh nonsense," chuckled the gopher, "I don't get much visitors, and it's been rather lonely living under the farm. I don't really go out much either because the farmer is always trying to trap me..."

"I'm sorry to hear that-" said Clover though she was starting to feel impatient.

"Come, sit down, I'll make some hot cocoa."

"I-" started Clover, but she gave up. Sighing, she flopped down on a plush cushion, while the gopher trotted off to make a drink. Clover glance at the gopher's clock, which was made from a human wristwatch. The clock said 3 o'clock.

"I don't have much time left to make Hickory's treat," she muttered. In her worry, she fiddle with the feather necklace that Hickory gave her yesterday. The single feather, seem to glow in her paws, while she let out a tired sigh.

"So, what brings you here?" came in the happy voice of the gopher as he set down a tray. Clover glanced down at acorn cups filled with hot cocoa and black currant berry tarts.

Clover wasn't really sure if she trust the gopher, but his eyes were kind and curious. "I was looking for something from the human house...to make for a friend."

"But that's dangerous!" exclaimed th gopher, "even though I live right under them, even I wouldn't dare go to their house! And besides, you are such a small brown bunny, the farmer loves to make bunny stew!"

Clover wince at the gopher's scolding. "You're right, umm mister..."

"The name is Root, Mr. Root."

"Okay, Mr. Root, Clover is my name and well...here's the whole story..."

After about half an hour of explaining everything over cocoa and black currant tarts, Mr. Root was laughing.

Clover couldn't help but feel a bit better that Mr. Root wasn't scolding her behavior.

"Ah haha, sorry...it's just that to be young again! I didn't realize that you were a white bunny, to imagine what fright you gave the human lady!"

"I'm glad that I found your company," replied Clover, "but I still have to go back home..."

She still felt glum that she failed.

Mr. Root was still chuckling. "The irony is that you found what you were looking for."

"Wait? Really?" she looked perplexed at Mr. Root's twinkling eyes. "Tell me Clover, what are you drinking?"

"Cocoa..." Her eyes widen at her realization.

Mr. Root only beamed, "I'm glad that your quest for cocoa wasn't it in vain."

"Oh, Clover!" exclaimed her worried mother as Clover arrived holding a tiny bottle of cocoa. "I was so worried when you didn't come back!"

"It's okay mom," smiled Clover, "I sort fell in some dirt...but I was able to get some cocoa for my surprise!"

"I see Clover," smiled her mom before she sighed, "Clover, don't you always have to get in so much trouble?"

"You have no idea," grinned Clover.


"Oh nothing...hey mom, I'll like to introduce you to my new friend Mr. Root!"

Mr. Root stood shyly at the doorway. "Hello Clover's mother, I say, it's been so long since I visited Crescent forest."

Clover's mother smiled back, "any friend of Clover is a friend of our household."

The rest of the day was spent with Clover, her parents, Mr. Root, and Hickory enjoying a delicious dinner. Outside their house the butterflies and bees were settling in for the night, and the air hung heavy with the scent of jasmines and clovers. Mr. Root brought in this black currant tarts, Clover's mom presented a tasty fried mushroom slices and carrot stew, and Clover brought her cake stuffed strawberries.

"Clover," stated Hickory as he bit into one of Clover's treats, "it's delicious!"

Clover beamed, "thanks Hickory, I hope they didn't come out too bad."

"Oh no," laughed Clover's dad, as he poked into the berry mush, "I think they came out...err beautiful!"

"Yes!" agreed Clover's mom as she spooned the mush into her mouth.

Clover could only glow in pride.

The End

I know it's not much, but I hope all my readers enjoyed it. Why cake-stuffed strawberries? Well it was something my friend decided to try out, her's came out delicious...while mine's was far from presentable...still tasty though :3

I would add the recipe but it would take too long,

To break it down:

Cook a cake/brownie/ anything you like.

Crumble it and mix it with frosting

Cut large strawberries, and stuff the crumble mixture it.

As weird as it sounds it looks quite good on the pictures. And tastes good too. I suggest to look up images or recipes on the web so you can get creative or make a better one than I did.

I'm planning on writing a story soon about Cinnamon the fox, so I hope you can check it out.

Again, thanks! ^-^