Chapter 6

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"Tell me what?" Burt repeated, looking at Kurt, then at Puck, then back at Kurt.

"Ummm…" Kurt stalled. "Tell you that… You're the bestest dad in the whole wide world and I love you? And Puck loves you, too?" Puck and Burt just stared at him.

"I don't know what you want but the answer is no. Unless it's 'do you mind if we borrow the car?', then the answer would be yes."

"Actually, we were hoping that you would want to go to Breadstix with Kurt and me-"

"Kurt and I" Kurt muttered under his breath.

"Kurt and I" Puck repeated, rolling his eyes. Kurt just stuck his tongue out at him. "Because there's something we need to talk to you about."

"O…k… Do you want to go now, or what?"

"Just let me go change. Puck, come on… You need to help me chose an outfit." Kurt said, dragging Puck out of the room and down the stairs to the basement. When they were safely in Kurt's room, Kurt shoved Noah lightly and glared at him. "Breadstix? You think it's a good idea to do this at Breadstix?"

"Well, yeah. I mean it's a pretty public place. There'll be witnesses. So he won't kill me. Or you. Or both of us."

"There will also be witnesses for when he has a heart attack and/or spontaneously combusts and/or disowns me."

"Yeah, you win some you lose some. You know."

Kurt just shook his head and gave Puck a look that said 'No I do not know and you fail so hard right now'. Puck just shrugged.

"Ok, I guess we'll be telling him at Breadstix. No way could this end badly."

"Not as long as we leave Finn here." Puck agreed cheerfully.

Kurt rested his head in his hands and groaned pitifully. "At this rate, I'm not going to make it nine months. I'm just going to keel over and die and it's going to be all your fault, Noah Puckerman!"

Puck slung his arm around Kurt's shoulders. "Nah, I told you Babe. We've got this. We're going to kick ass and take names."

Kurt looked at him dubiously. "Yeah. Ok. Sure." Then he smiled. "We're going to get through this, at least. Hopefully alive, but you know."

Puck chuckled. "Alive is generally the goal. Now come on, change so we can get back upstairs before your dad thinks something's going on down here."

"Fine," Kurt said as he pulled his shirt over his head and turned to his closet for a different one. He grabbed a hat and placed it carefully on his head, almost as an afterthought. Then Puck led the way back up the stairs.

"Ok, we're ready to go." Kurt said. "Lead the way." Before following his father to the car, dragging Puck behind him. Once they reached the car, he practically shoved Puck in the back seat before climbing in the passenger seat.

The drive to Breadstix was awkward. Kurt and Noah were both worrying about how to tell Burt about the pregnancy and Burt was just wondering what had his kid so jumpy. If it was the punk in the backseat, at least he knew where his shotgun was and could access it quite easily after he got home.

Upon arriving at Breadstix, they went inside- Kurt leading the way- and got a table. Luckily, it was near the back so any drama that went down would most likely go relatively unnoticed. Kurt and Puck slid in one side of the booth and Burt slid in across from them.

"So," Burt said as he scanned a menu. "What do you two have to tell me?"

"Um, let's order first." Kurt said as a blonde haired waitress came up to their table. "I'll have a water and the linguini alfredo."

"Same." Said Puck.

"I'll have a burger." Said Burt.

"Ok, your food should be out shortly." Said the waitress before heading off to tend to her other tables.

After she left, Burt looked expectantly at Kurt and Puck. "Well?"

Kurt took a deep breath. "Ok, so. You see, dad, I did some research on the internet and I found out something kind of interesting. One in fifty men is a carrier, which means they can get pregnant and have children. And I'm about two billion percent sure that I'm a carrier because about a week or so ago I started feeling kind of sick and moody, and then when I found this information out I took a pregnancy test. And then I took another one. Then another. Then another. And, honestly dad, I don't think four pregnancy tests are going to lie. I'm pregnant and it's Puck's baby and I'm so sorry and I completely understand if you want to disown me."

The whole time Kurt was talking, Burt listened with a crinkled forehead. After Kurt finished, Puck started before Burt could say anything.

"I'm really sorry too, sir. And I hope you believe me when I say that I'm going to do my part to help pay for doctor's bills and such and that I'm going to be there for Kurt through this whole thing."

"Kurt, you're always moody, you're just a generally emotional kid. Did you really think I would disown you? Like I've told you before, you're my son. It's my job to love you. Puckerman, I have no obligation to love you and you better pray I don't decide to blow your balls off with my shotgun."

"Believe me, sir, I definitely am."

"And we are definitely talking about this later, when we're not at Breadstix. Why did Breadstix seem like a good place to do this anyway?"

"That's what I said! I mean, Breadstix? I have more class than this!" Kurt said.

"Of course you do." Burt agreed with only a slight amount of sarcasm in his voice.

"I do!" Kurt said defensively. "I'm classy! I practically ooze classiness."

"Ok," Burt agreed good naturedly. "Dually noted. So how are you two planning on handling this?"

"Huh?" Puck wrinkled his brow.

"I mean, I'm assuming from what you said earlier that you're going to have the kid. But are you going to keep it or put it up for adoption or what?"

"Oh, well um. We're actually thinking we might keep it. I know it'll be hard and everything, with school and glee and such, but I think it's worth it."

Burt smiled sadly. "Oh it's definitely going to be hard kiddo. Harder than you think right now. But if this is what you want to do, I'm not going to stop you. I guess if you're old enough to be pregnant you're old enough to decide what to do about it."

Kurt hummed in agreement as Puck's phone vibrated. He glanced down at it before quickly typing something back and sliding his phone back in his pocket. Kurt quirked an eyebrow at him questioningly and Puck's only response was quirking his own eyebrow in return. Kurt continued to chat with him father, Puck occasionally contributing to the conversation. Burt seemed to like Noah, all threats to his genitalia aside. They had a fairly in-depth conversation about some sports team, which somehow branched into them discussing their shared love of Deadliest Catch and their mutual dislike of Keith Colburn.

"Well, doesn't look like the foods getting here anytime soon," Burt grumbled. "I'm going to the bathroom." He scooted out of the bench and headed towards the back of the restraint.

"So, having a deep, meaningful conversation with someone?" Kurt teased.

"That was actually Santana. Telling me quote 'I and my Fabulous Ovaries of Wonder have succeeded. I'm fucking amazing. And pregnant.' Then she put one of those colon-capital-d smiley faces that creep me out because they always look so overly enthusiastic."

"Wow that was quick. How did you respond?"

"Cool story bro."

"Really, Puck, really?"

"… Maybe?"

"I retract my previous statement. At this rate, I'll be lucky to last the week."

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