Chapter 1

Maylene licked the tip of her fingertips and flipped the page. The glow from the candlelight supported her in the darkness of the library. The candle sat on the small polished wooden table beside her. She sat in a comfortable position on the cushion chair with her legs tucked between the handle bars and close to her chest.

Every night after her chores, she would come to the library with the candle and read. She snuck the book out of library a couple of times and read it in her room without anyone, not even Sebastian noticing.

Now, it was her fifth time reading her favorite book, "Cinderella". As she read it, she felt like a little girl again. She loved fairy tales, but Cinderella was her most favorite. She can relate to her in some way: a poor girl who lost her family and left to be enslaved to her step mother and step sisters. In the end the girl lives happily ever after with a handsome prince.

Maylene sighed inwardly. Thinking back to the life she had until now made her felt nostalgic. She wondered if she'll find her "handsome prince" that will sweep her off her feet.

"The Prince and Cinderella married and lived happily ever after…."


The maid almost jumped a few feet from her chair, startled. "S-s-s-s-s-Sebastian-san!" she gasped, holding her rapidly beating heart.

"It's late, shouldn't you be in bed by now?" the black butler inquired plainly. A candle was held between his first digit and thumb.

Maylene jumped to her feet. "Ah! I was about to….ah…." she dashed passed Sebastian in a heartbeat. As she reached the hallway, she turned around and gave a slight bow.

"Good night, Sebastian-san!"

"Good night, Maylene"


As she entered her room, Maylene quickly dressed herself in her nightgown. She opened her top drawer and searched among different stuff in there including her makeup given to her by Elizabeth as a birthday gift. She stopped rummaging and took out a green notebook. She smiled, proud from her search. She took out a pen and laid on her bed on her stomach, the notebook placed on her pillow.

Maylene glanced towards the ceiling as she chewed at the top of the pen. The novel inspired her to write her own tale.

The maid pondered….and pondered…on how to start her story until she felt a light bulb light up in her mind. She opened to the first page of the empty notebook and started to write.

"Once upon a time in the outskirts of England…"


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