Chapter 4

Maylene heaved a sigh as she made herself fall on her bed, her head landing between the pillow and bed sheets. The coils under the mattress squeaked as she fell back. It had been busy at the manor for these past several days and months: preparing for guests to visit the Young Master, daily chores, etc…etc… And also during those days, she has been plagued with no motivation. A few times, an idea would pop into her mind, but in utter frustration her brain won't function of making her pick up the pen and book and write! She released an irritable groan.

She inhaled through her nostrils then after a moment passed by, she released a breath through her lips. She picked up her book from the tabletop and read what she had so far. A moment passed by as motivation struck her, a smile graced her lips as she finally got an idea on what to write. She picked up the pen and wrote in the blank space under her previous paragraph.

People walked aimlessly along the streets of the marketplace passing by various shops. These people were common folk as it was uncommon for the rich, high-class people to mingle with those of the lower class. Women walked side by side with either their friends looking at the products displayed by the window inside the shops and chattering among themselves; a couple of women walked beside their spouse. Salesclerk shouted as they tried to gain people's attention about selling their latest product.

A young woman stepped out of one of the shops wishing the sales person goodbye as the sales person called for her to return sometime. The woman assured it was possible if the Young Master wanted any more mangoes with his cake. She turned a heel as she headed towards one direction with bags of groceries hung from her arms. She took out a list of what she needed to get. A few hours earlier, she was asked to get groceries since Bard said he was low on certain products also more cigarettes. Finny needed a new shovel and some seeds.

As Maylene continued to walk, her thoughts and her sight on the paper prevented her to look where she was going as she accidentally bumped into someone and fell back on her bottom. She let out a groan as she rubbed her bottom regretting of not paying any attention to her surroundings. A couple of fruit had rolled on the ground. She immediately looked up as she heard a calm, concern voice.

"Are you all right, Miss?"

The maid blushed and stuttered a few words, those words stuck on her tongue seeing a tall, yet handsome young man. His raven hair hung loosely at each the side of his face, chin-length. And his crimson eyes, he had the eyes that could look deep into your soul. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him, a blush crossed her cheeks and her glasses fogged her sight. A second passed by before she shook her head vigorously snapping her back to reality.

"Ah! Y-yes, I'm fine…"

The man lend out a hand to her, which she took it gratefully. As her fingertips touched his palm, his fingers laced onto hers pulling her up to her feet. He glanced at the fruit on the ground before looking at her. "I can buy you new fruit, if you…"

Maylene quickly picked up the fruits and mentally sighed with relief that they didn't break into pieces. She wiped some dirt off of them with the hem of her skirt. She shook her head; her pigtails swing to her movement. She gave an assured grin. "No, its all right I can wash them when I get home. And besides…it's…my fault for not paying attention."

"I guess it was no trouble at all," the man grinned, shrugging a little. A sudden thought came to the maid.

"What time is it?" she asked a bit frantically. The man pulled back his sleeve revealing his watch.

"A little pass 3," he replied.

"I need to get back to the mansion! I still need to polish the china!" the maid let out a gasp of panic. She turned towards the other direction.

"You're a maid I see," the man said. Maylene turned to him and admitted shyly with a small nod.

"I…was asked to run some errands. I work under Phantomhive."

"I'm a servant as well, but for the Queen," the raven-haired man admitted simply. "I'm here for errands for my co-workers." Maylene stared at him for a moment. She imagined it must be nice, but hard to work in a huge castle and present in sight of royalty. Although, his posture and how he speaks were formal… she guessed he was the Queen's superior servant. She snapped out of her thoughts when she remembered the time.

"I have to go! Its nice to speak with you," Maylene said with a curt smile, before turning her heel and running in the opposite direction. The man smiled after her and thought it was nice to speak with her as well. His smile tugged into a frown when he heard a voice from a distance when the girl went out of eyeshot. The voice in his mind was irritating.


A man with long red hair and glasses glomped the raven-haired from behind. The victim had a grimace on his face as the redhead rubbed his cheek against his. He then pouted.

"Sebas-chan…. You're so mean to leave me alone in the castle!" he said in a whiny tone. The raven-haired murmured sarcastically under his breath, low that the redhead didn't hear a word. "That it was to stay away from you, Grell."

"Grell, release your brother at once and Your Majesty, do I need to remind you to not wonder outside the castle without an escort," a man with glasses and combed raven hair said sternly.

"I don't need an escort and hear words coming out of your mouth, William," the prince remarked, a slight of mockery in his tone. A calm smile was presented on his face. An eyebrow twitched irritably as a reply from the other man. William released a sigh and turned his heel.

"Let's return to the castle immediately before your Mother, the Queen, and her butler have my head."

"That would be amusing," the prince joked with a smirk.

"Don't start with me!"

The prince glanced towards the direction he watched Maylene leave. He slightly regretted of asking for her name, yet not so much of letting her know that he was truly a Prince and not a servant…not just yet. Before following after William and Grell, he wondered if he would see that girl again not knowing that the maid had the same thought of seeing him once more.

Maylene heaved a sigh of relief, smashing her head against the pillow and the pen beside her head. She felt a pound in her heart, a pan of accomplishment of getting her writing mojo back for a moment and finishing a chapter. She looked at her clock and noticed it was a little passed midnight. She closed her book and placed it on the table and the pen on top of it. She then left her room to take a shower returning a few hours later in her nightgown. She thought of continuing her writing later when she feels motivated and not busy with her work. With that, she wished the world good night before falling asleep.