I know I said I'll stop but I can't! This little inspiration just won't go away!


Reid groaned as he opened his eyes. He woke to darkness. Panic rose inside of him. He heard voices around him.

"Reid? It's Morgan. You can't see right now because you have bandages over your eyes. It's gonna be okay kid."

His hand was squeezed.

"It's going to be okay sugar," said Garcia quietly. He swallowed.

"Wh...what happened?"

"There was an explosion," He heard Hotch's voice. "You were caught in it."

Ried struggled to remember, but things were still fuzzy. All he saw was bright piercing light.

"Spencer? This is your doctor. Dr. Conner. .I'm going to take the bandages off. Are you ready?"

Reid nodded. He was eager to see. Eager to be aware of his surrounded. He didn't like being trapped in the dark.

He felt the doctor start to unwrap the bandages and then stop.

"Okay Doc, take off the rest!" He said quickly.

There was silence.

"They are off," said quietly.

Fear surrounded him.

NO! That was not true! Because he couldn't see!

"That's not true!" He tried to pull off the bandages but there was nothing there. "That can't be true!"

He felt hands all over him, shushing noises. People telling him to calm down.

"You're lying! They're not off! I still can't see!" He fought the hands that pinned him down.

"Reid!" He heard Rossi's voice. "Calm down, son!"

"Come on Reid!" Hotch added. "This isn't making things any better!"

"I don't care! It's not true! He's lying! Tell him to remove the rest! They can't be gone! They can't! They ca-" He felt something poke in him and then everything went deaf as well as dark.

They watched his body go limp. Morgan stared at Reid, wide eyed with fear. Garcia had her hand to her mouth.

Emily was hugging JJ who started sobbing. Rossi looked panicked.

"Is the blindness...temporary?" Hotch asked the doctor softly. sighed.

"Honestly? Right now it's too soon to tell. There's a chance of it being temporary, yes. But we'll have to wait and see how it goes."

"What do we do while we wait?" Morgan asked quietly and Conner sighed.

"Just be there for him. This is going to be difficult to grasp and he's going ot need all the support he can get."

"Why did this happen to him?' Sobbed Garcia suddenly. "He's just a kid! Not even 30..."

The doctor looked at her sadly.

"I ask that question a lot with my patients," he said softly. "I'll leave you all alone."

With that he exited. Morgan sank onto a chair and rubbed his forehead. All of them were trying to grasp the realization that Reid was blind, and it might be for good.

They didnt' realize so much could happen within an hour. How one hour could change someone's life...perhaps forever.