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Posted: October 9th, 2011.

Spirited shouts, those of the golden male and the irrefutable arresting offspring of Mutamba echoed throughout the courtyards of the late weapon masters' estate.

He made sure to shroud himself in dark robes, to camaflouge with the darkening sky. But he couldn't help but let his curious eyes wander up and down the grounds surrounding him. The manor was impressive by this small islands standards, but compared to his golden lain kingdom, this place was a gutter.

Why Mutamba ever left the Asante Kingdom was a mystery to him. A deadly and foolish mystery. Defying his royal duty and running far away from his home had brought him his timely demise.

Asante's were known for three things: Hunting, Luxury and Revenge.

Mutamba spat in his kingdoms face when he left his home to come slum with the Grecians. Now, he laid deep within the ground, leaving his abomination to fend for herself. He would bide his time and wait for her to become more and more jaded and realize that she would never truly be accepted in this pathetic land.

He hoped the half Grecian mutt inherited her Father's rebellious nature and would not follow her royal duties. And if all went according to plan, she would end up like her Father.

Mutamba left his luxury, he was hunted and the Asante Kingdom had exacted their revenge.

One hundred days had gone and passed. The harvest season was almost over and the small island of Pythia would be overcome with a cold chill, especially since they were surrounded with an abundance of water.

This meant that Zarina's wardrobe must change. She thought this whilst being dragged through the agora with Korinna painfully tugging at her right arm.

"Korinna, I beg of you, let us turn around and go home."

Korinna dutifully ignored Zarina and dragged her into one the few standing buildings in the agora. Most vendors had stalls with thatched roofs, but the more elite owners had grand buildings to hold a greater stock of their items.

Zarina was hit with a heady scent once she walked through the tinkling beads that decorated the doorway the small but nicely decorated store. Korinna and her both instantly scrunched up their noses and frowned. She threw Korinna a dirty look.

"Do not begin with me." Korinna said in her clear, melodic voice. Her eyes held laughter, but her tone was stern. "You needed to leave the estate."

"No," Zarina drawled, "you thought I needed to leave the estate. I was perfectly satisfied with training, eating, sleeping and breathing, while within the our grounds."

Her friend regarded her with a knowing glance and nodded in agreement, whilst taking her hand and grasping it. "Of course." She nodded, "And we will go back there as soon as we are finished here."

Zarina instantly felt guilty. She had been cooped up in her home and Korinna had been right by her side, being her silent pillar while she hid from the world and from him.She didn't even want to see Patrocleus, because he resembled him too much for her liking. She was being a hag, she really was, but she was who she was and she couldn't help it. She felt like everyone was either leaving her or set out to make her miserable. But she would not have it; she would stay in her inner world until her outer shell had completely healed from being broken by the almighty, Achilles.

She did not want to be petulant or pathetic. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, she was so in despair of how he had betrayed and set out to hurt her with a vicious intent, that she didn't even have the will to hurt him physically.

Pain was her answer to everything. Known to lash out, either with her clever tongue or a brutal strike to ones face if she felt she had been wronged. But three months ago, that had all changed with Achilles idiotic but cruel actions. She would regard him with apathy, which would be an even greater insult to him than for her to exact revenge.

Zarina felt a tug to her arm and looked up at Korinna. She was greeted by her sister's warm smile and encouraging look. She then nodded her head towards the woman walking towards them.

With a forced demand of attention, Isadora, a single matron who owned this establishment strode towards them. She was a grand woman with a vibrant red hair pulled back and had a rather pudgy yet striking face which was overly made up with rouge and lip stains.

"Ladies, "she stated in a grandeur fashion, gracing them with a dramatic bow and enveloped them with a customary embrace of kisses on the cheek.

Zarina slightly pulled back from her after their embrace, expecting the initial obnoxious scent they had noticed before, to be coming from Isadora, but surprisingly it wasn't.

"What brings the lovely Daughter of Mutamba here today?" Isadora asked, she looked truly surprised, Zarina thought fairly so, she wasn't one to come shopping for robes. Korinna knew what she liked and was often the one to collect her wardrobe for her.

"Robe shopping," Zarina stated, disinterestedly. She then proceeded to fall upon the many cushions in the middle of the marble laden floor of the shop. "Korinna will tell you what I want, I do not wish to be here long."

She lay down comfortably and began to play with her long ringlets, a sign of sheer boredom. Isadora looked like she wanted to say something along the lines of nagging, but Korinna stepped in right before things could turn ugly.

"Isadora, you look absolutely stunning today, is that new rouge you're wearing?" Korinna's voice dripped with fake interest.

The shop owners already red cheeks deepened in color, making her look like a blown up warthog. It was all Zarina could do to keep from laughing.

"Oh yes of course. You know I get all my cosmetics specially ordered from Troy. My skin is much too pale for this common rouge they sell in the agora." She stated dramatically. Her and Korinna began to walk towards the back of the store where all the merchandise was stored, chatting about cosmetics.

Thank the gods for Korinna, she could get along with anyone, even those as pompous as Isadora.

It wasn't long before the two ladies started to come back towards the main hall of the store, this time, chatting about woollen vs cotton material. Zarina rolled her eyes and pretended to be asleep, maybe they would ignore her... her then keen ears picked up on a third set of footsteps. As far as she knew, they were the only ones in Isadora's shop.

Zarina became slightly more alert as the once fading scent she had smelled earlier was now much more apparent.

"Good news Zarina?" Korinna gleamed, looking rather excited. Zarina raised her eyebrow in question.

"I have asked lady Isadora to have her shop girls model her newest fashions from Troy to you. This way you do not have to bother yourself with trying them on."

Zarina sighed with sweet relief. "Thank the Gods."

Lady Isadora threw her an annoyed glance which Zarina responded to with an angelic smile.

Korinna couldn't help but giggle silently at Zarina's rudeness, this made Zarina smile widen. She started to feel a bit better; maybe it was a good thing for her to leave the estate.

Lady Isadora clapped her hands twice in nothing less of a dramatic flair and the modeling began. Zarina's eyes enlarged once she saw the first girl emerge.

Girl indeed. She thought shop workers were mainly middle aged women with large child bearing hips. But she had never been so wrong.

"Where are these women from?" Zarina hissed as a girl with dark smooth sable skin, short cropped curly hair and high cheek bones seemed to float by with burnt orange robes that revealed her shoulders and had long pleats folded pleats that cascaded down hitting the floor.

"Her shop girls, " Korinna whispered back. "She hires them from Hepesios tavern."

A small girl with fiery red curls flounced towards the pair and slumped down next to them on the cushions.

"Zarina, Korinna." Theodora Greeted both of them. She was Isadora's daughter. She looked a lot like her mother but without the dramatic flair and sans pompous attitude. "Come to watch the whores?"

Zarina's eyes widened in curiosity, "Whores?" She repeated uncomfortably.

"Yes, you didn't know?" the red head drawled with a slick smile on her face. "My mother has worked out some deal with Hepesios where his whores at the tavern receive free costumes in return for putting in a few hours working at the shop."

Zarina raised her eyes in disgust. "Yes, I know, it is beyond revolting." Theodora spat.

The models continued to walk, showing off their designs. Zarina had to admit they were quite impressive compared to the agora's selections. Troy truly had many appealing designs, even though the robes were long - She would have one of her maids at the estate shorten her new robes afterwards - . She would tap Korinna once if she really liked one of the designs and she would signal towards Lady Isadora which ones they would be purchasing. She did this while gossiping with Theodora about the tavern girls that walked up and down showing of their robes.

"Yes and that one that just left, I believe her name is Photine, she came from the jungles of South Asia and I heard is quite talented in the art of fellatio. " she nodded her head knowingly.

Zarina heard this and burst out in mirthless laughter, "What do you know of the art of fellatio, you are all but thirteen years old."

Theodora huffed her cheeks as her face started to turn the colour of her hair, "I would know more than you think, I hear all their scandalous stories when Hespesio's women are gossiping in the back. "

Photine left with her robes made of woollen moss green. They looked constricting and the color was sickly.

Next walked in a towering girl with a languid and slim body frame, flaxen locks, with fair white skin. She was quite attractive but she held this look of superiority in her eyes which were directed right at Zarina.

Zarina ignored the look and glanced at her robes, they were deep shade of deep purple and had golden trimming outlining the one shouldered piece. They were long, but there was a high slit in the middle which caused the light silk skirts billow out, revealing the model long limbs.

Zarina did not even need to tap Korinna before she had signalled to Lady Isadora of Zarina's interest.

Zarina was quite taken with the robes but could not fight off the heavy scent the model came with . It was familiar and made her scrunch her nose in distaste.

"Oh and this one is Doris. She is the biggest whore of all. " Theodora stated quite candidly and within earshot of the subject of discussion. But Doris paid no mind, and twirled in the center of the room, showing off the deep back of the silken robes she wore. Still shooting evil glares towards Zarina.

"Why do you say that?" Korinna whispered. Zarina had to admit, she wanted to know what Theodora had against this girl.

Theodora's face grew dark, as if she had discovered the meaning for all of the world's wickedness. "It has been rumoured that she is the one that slept with Achilles."

Before she knew what she was doing, Zarina got up from her chair and followed the retreating Doris towards the back of the store.

She heard Korinna call out to her, her voice trying to hide its franticness. She waved her hand to dismiss any attempts for her to stop.

As Zarina reached the back of the store, a silent fury had washed upon her and she had only one target.

She swept back the curtains which led to the stock room and was in full view of all the ladies changing back into their regular robes.

Most of them looked nervous, except for on flaxen haired wench.

Zarina pointed towards the door without glancing at any of the tavern wenches. "Leave!"

Scurried footsteps and half robed girls fled from the space, all except one.

"Little virgin warrior girl."

Zarina kept her face stoic and stared at the girl, "you smell of hibiscus and rose petals." The scent was disgusting on Achilles and even more so now this wench.

"You like it? It's native of all Dorian women" she smiled , her eyes glinting with malice.

"Women?" Zarina scoffed at the word. "You call yourself a woman? You are a whore, plain and simple."

"And you are anything like a woman?" Doris threw back. "You dress yourself in men's armour, you fight with men, and you play with their toys. But you have never been with a man."

She took a step towards Zarina, towering over her as her golden locks swung about. "This is why, Daughter of Mutamba, that I slept with Achilles, I deflowered him."

Where most girls would start to cry, Zarina's face started to harden. Her beautiful features turning vicious, all while standing perfectly still.

"I enjoyed him immensely." She licked her lips and backed against a wall behind her. "I was so distracted by his large member, that I didn't mind that he screamed your name instead of mine."

Zarina, couldn't help but stand in place, perfectly still as a statue.

"Well since you seem so keen on hearing the details, I'll continue." She took long sensual strides while she walked about the small space.

"He likes it when you stroke his arms, and when you kiss his ear. It made him growl my name," She brought her hands to her mouth, "Oh, I mean yours." She said knowingly. "And, " she faked forgetfulness, "He loved to play with these" she crassly held her bosom in her hands and closed her eyes and moaned hideously.

She seemed to have thought of something interesting, because Doris stopped her lewd movements and strode back towards Zarina.

"Daughter of Aphrodite indeed," She spat and side stepped Zarina in an attempt to leave the backroom.

Unbeknownst to Doris, she had finally cracked Zarina's quiet fury and was more than surprised when she felt her neck snap back with unbelievably sharp force.

She shrieked in horror while Zarina forced Doris' head back, gripping her hair painfully.

Zarina still had no words to say but she would have to make this girl pay the best way she knew how.

"Zarina you cannot just go around hurting helpless people!" Korinna strode to keep up with Zarina as they passed the entrance of the agora. Korinna was already huffing at the intense speed they were travelling

"Not now Korinna!" Zarina hissed.

Korinna had enough with this. She grabbed Zarina's arm and yanked her back towards her. The short yet intimidating vixens eyes slit upwards with a dark look.

"Look at me any way you want. I don't care," Korinna fired, "You are hurting and you do not want to admit it. You have not dealt with your father's death, you have not dealt with Achilles betrayal, you refuse to speak with your mother due to your abandonment issues and you have banished Patrocleus from the estate because you cannot bear to look at him because of his resemblance to his cousin."

Zarina was standing with her hands on her hips facing towards the west, away from Korinna.

"Do you know what your problem is? You deal with everything yourself and internalize everything. Stop acting like you know what everyone else is thinking and let them answer for themselves. Do not second guess everyone's actions and feelings for you, that is what started this whole confusion in the first place. This will lead to your undoing."

She sighed, she was trying to help Zarina by being there, but she didn't feel like she was doing enough by just being complacent and it broke her heart that she could not help her dearest friend.

"Zarina, I love you terribly, but I don't know what to do anymore." Korinna fidgeted with her celadon bracelet, itching to take it off, but she knew she could not do so in public, exposing herself would not be wise in the open.

"I think - " Korinna took a deep breath, " I think you should leave Pythia."

Zarina's waist long curls spun around wildly as she regarded her friend. "What did you say?"

"You need to leave Pythia , for a while." She stressed the last part gently.

"This is my home. Why should I be the one to leave?" Her voice began to rise.

"Because, you are the one that is hurting. Every day you wake up with a tear stained face, so many people have hurt and left you and it is all that I can do before you fall off the edge because of one man's foolishness." Korinna practically begged.

"Please, Zarina, for your own good." She kept her eyes trained on the ground, truly scared to meet her friends gaze. She knew Zarina she would take this the wrong way no matter how the words left her mouth. But she was willing to put herself on the line for her friends benefit.

"It sounds like you want me to leave so you can stop sneaking around with Patrocleus." Zarina sneered.

Korinna was going to rebuttal but was cut off, "Don't lie Korinna, do not act like you wouldn't be caught meeting with Patrocleus, even though I forbade him from the estate."

Korinna didn't even bother to respond. once Zarina had this thought on her mind there would be no convincing her otherwise. It was true, Patrocleus and her would meet in secret place every few weeks and would update each other on Zarina and Achilles. From what Korinna had been told, Achilles was becoming rather promiscuous. Every day after a hard day of training, he would head over to the tavern and take a group of girls with him into one of the backrooms. This was not unusual behaviour for the males of Pythia, but Achilles seemed to become more and more jaded as the days passed.

They were both dealing with their pain in self destructive ways but Achilles actions would hurt send Zarina off into a dark spiral if she heard anymore sordid details.

"Your comments are not untrue." Korinna said with a heavy sigh.

" If that is what you think, I think it is best that you move your belongings out of my quarters and into your chambers downstairs."

Korinna inhaled deeply. She felt like she had been slapped in the face. Never had Korinna slept in the servant quarters downstairs. They had been inseparable since they were young and shared Zarina's quarters upstairs. Zarina always treating her like a sister and never a servant.

"Zarina, please." She begged.

She greeted with the soft thudding of Zarina's stride back towards the estate.

She couldn't help the tears from falling. It didn't matter how much it hurt her, she was doing this for Zarina's benefit, not hers. Hopefully this would all be for the best...

...three months later, Zarina was nowhere to be found.

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